How to redact a PDF on a PC.

Protect your sensitive information when you share PDFs. Learn how to redact both visible and hidden information from a PDF on a PC.

From business contracts to tax forms and financial documents, you often have to share PDFs containing sensitive information. You can easily redact text and images from any PDF document on a PC with Adobe Acrobat DC.

First, you’ll need a PDF file to work on. If your document exists only on paper, start by scanning it into a PDF. Once you’ve digitized the document, follow this guide to learn how to redact your PDF.

Redact text and images from a PDF.

  1. Launch Acrobat. Go into the Tools menu and select Redact.
  2. Choose Select A File and locate your PDF.
  3. Select the redaction type you need from the Mark For Redaction drop-down menu. Text & Images works for words and graphics, Page blacks out entire pages, and Find Text lets you find specific phrases.
  4. Once you’ve marked all the redactions on the page, select Apply.
  5. Save your file as a separate PDF document. This is important, as the Redact tool permanently removes all marked content.

You can also select Remove Hidden Information if you need to wipe non-visible identifying data, like metadata and hidden PDF objects. Once you’re done, you can safely share or print the document.

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