What to do on a computer without internet.

Yes, you can use a computer without the internet. Learn fun and productive things to do — even without Wi-Fi.

We’re so used to constant high-speed internet connections for both work and play that you might find yourself asking, “Can I even use my computer without internet?” Well, of course you can — believe it or not, the internet used to be a luxury. But in case you’re blanking on what to do when your Wi-Fi goes down, here are some things to do without an internet connection.

Clean and organize your computer.

An internet outage can be a blessing in disguise, since it’s the perfect time to run your virus and malware scanners. No new threats can get in, so it’s easier to identify those that may have already slithered into your system. You can also organize your files.

Listen to music.

Most good music streaming apps have an offline mode that lets you enjoy your tunes even without Wi-Fi. And if you still own CDs or vinyls, you could rip some favorites to your computer to make the music easier to take with you.

Play games.

If you just want to kill some time while waiting for the internet to come back, play a game or two. Practically every digital game launcher lets you play single-player games offline. You might even be able to play some multiplayer games by plugging another controller into your computer — just like in the good old days.

Get some work done.

You could also just keep working remotely. Many file sharing and email services have an offline mode, so you can still access your work files. Also, most of the common office software suites don’t require an internet connection.

Adobe Acrobat DC, for example, lets you work on PDFs offline. You can easily add comments and annotations, convert and compress files, fill and sign forms, and more without internet.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat DC when your Wi-Fi goes down.