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Six simple additions to your small business’s website that can make a big difference.

When customers search for you, make sure you’re giving them something worth finding. Improve your site’s usefulness with these engaging elements.

Small website updates that can make a world of difference.

A website is the public face of your business. It’s your storefront, business card, and introduction to customers. This is true whether you’re a globe-spanning enterprise or a local brick-and-mortar store. No business is too small to have a website. According to PR Newswire, 71 percent of all small businesses have websites, and those that have them often want to make upgrades or improvements in the site itself, or how they manage it. Here are six way you can make your website stand out:

1. Tell customer stories with testimonials.

While the quality of your website design goes a long way, support from customer testimonials can drive home a good impression. A customer testimonial is a review from a customer that confirms the good quality of their experience with your business.


Testimonials from happy customers often help to bring in new customers. Well-written customer testimonials humanize your business and act as evidence to back up your own claims. It’s one thing to say that your business delivers in a short time frame. It’s quite another for a customer to say that they’ve never had a similar product delivered so quickly and professionally. 

2. Make your site findable.

Your customers are going to look for you on Google. Sitemaps can improve SEO for the different sections of your website if you submit your sitemap to Google Search Console. This way, when someone searches specifically for your hours, contact information, or About page, the different subsections of your website will come up in their search results.

3. Put yourself on the map.

If you rely on in-person business, make sure customers can find you easily in the physical world. Make sure to list your address prominently and include other information about how to get to your brick-and-mortar location. Verifying your address on Google my Business will allow customers to more quickly see your address and find your location through Google Maps. It will also allow potential customers to verify that your business is still in operation.

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4. Show off your products with optimized photos.

Your customers want to see what you have to offer. Not only do you need professional-quality photos, but you also need to present them well. Make sure all of your photos are captioned and labeled with alt text. This will help them show up in Google Images search results, increasing your likelihood of customers finding them.


Make sure your images are properly sized. Image files that are too large or not properly compressed can lead to slow loading times and poor-quality images. If you are converting an image from a JPG to a PDF or from a PDF to a JPG, it is important to ensure that you format files using an effective document management system. Test the target page for usability after you upload the images.

5. Highlight your numbers and demonstrate growth.

Like testimonials, profit and growth figures offer concrete evidence to back up any claims your business makes. They’re especially beneficial if the figures are presented visually, like with a graph. Including this information on your website demonstrates credibility to not only your customers but also potential partners and investors. If you do display this information, update it regularly.

6. Offer incentives or coupons.

Everyone loves to save a little money. Incentives and coupons, when you use them strategically, are an effective way to draw customers to your business. They can be a valuable way to get customers to try your business for the first time, keep them coming back for loyalty perks, or to try out a new product. Match your offers to your products, customers, and business cycles.


Websites are so much more than just information — they’re a public display of your business model, identity, and goals. With a good layout and excellent content, your site will reflect who you are, give customers what they need, and be part of everyone’s good experience with your business.

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