Quickly build and deploy rich, interactive web and mobile applications.

Adobe ColdFusion Standard Edition is a unique solution for end-to-end mobile application development.

ColdFusion Standard

Meet ColdFusion Standard (2016 release).

Use a single platform to quickly build and deploy web and mobile applications. Leverage unique capabilities for end-to-end mobile application development. Generate high-quality PDFs and make your server more secure with default server lockdown.
Build applications quickly.
Leverage your existing CFML skills to develop mobile apps. Work more productively with full CFSCRIPT support, social log in integration and other language enhancements. Generate high-quality PDFs from HTML pages, manipulate them extensively and archive them as self-contained documents of record. 
Embrace leading-edge technologies.
Supercharge your mobile application development workflow by using unique on-device debugging and multidevice inspection capabilities. Easily create dynamic HTML5 charts using the built-in CFCHART tag. Scale up your web applications by creating as many HTML5 web sockets as you need.
Deploy with ease.
Make your server more secure by using new functions to sanitise user input and restricting default remote-access to the admin portal. Leverage Tomcat integration, enhanced caching and improved Microsoft Office integration to make applications run faster without changing any code.

Feature highlights


Device detection
Easily identify the type of device and its dimensions, group name, description, orientation and features at runtime without needing any plug-ins. Leverage this information to deliver differentiated content for the device and enhance the user experience. 
Native device APIs  
Use ColdFusion device APIs to easily integrate device functionalities, such as working with contacts; handling files; retrieving geolocation information; recording and playing back audio and video files; and accessing camera features, accelerometer and storage. 
Client-side database integration  
Work more productively by not having to attach a callback handler when accessing databases. Take advantage of the powerful CFQUERY tag to directly access client-side databases using SQL.
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Customer stories

The employee recognition platform built on Adobe ColdFusion allows organisations to recognise, engage and inspire people at work.
Enterprise resource planning tools built and deployed with ColdFusion put information and people to work to improve revenue.
Global software services firm uses ColdFusion to maximise performance of auto racing sites hosted in a scalable Amazon Cloud infrastructure.
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Turning up the heat on API development with ColdFusion 2016.

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