Simple. Speedy. Secure. Singular.

Adopt an application server designed to help small and medium enterprises speed up development.

ColdFusion Standard
Meet ColdFusion Standard (2018 release)
Use built-in functionalities to simplify the generation and manipulation of PDFs, and the creation of REST services. Bullet-proof applications with the most secure platform on the planet.

Robust Application
Robust applications.
Rapid development.
Shrink time-to-market and slash coding time and effort while developing web and mobile applications.
Shield the code
Shield the code.
Strengthen the core.
Use an array of trusted tools and proven techniques to secure your server.
Deep Insights. 
Dramatic Results.
Control and optimize with the all-new, powerful Performance Monitoring Toolkit — a standalone server with low overhead.

New Features in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 Release)


Asynchronous programming
Boost the performance of your principal application by offloading resource-intensive code segments to a secondary thread. Simply use the RUNASYNC function to execute code without the overhead of managing multiple threads.
REST playground

Create and manage all your REST services from a single application. The simple, intuitive UI makes it a breeze to validate the accuracy of your APIs. Make changes to your REST APIs without having to restart your application.
Server monitor
Flag performance issues and isolate problem areas so that you can initiate corrective action much faster. Know the average response time and throughput across the cluster, or specific to a node, application, or page, in real time.
Modern admin UI
Enjoy a sleek, new responsive UI built on single web page architecture. Carry out all admin tasks faster with easier access to all the ColdFusion settings—just search for what you need.
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ColdFusion Standard Starters Kit

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