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What’s new in Adobe ColdFusion Standard (2023 Release)?

Adobe ColdFusion Standard (2023 Release) offers you a platform to rapidly build, test and deploy web applications for moderate traffic on a single server. Boost productivity with full scripting support and other exciting language features. Convert HTMLs to high-quality PDF files and easily create dynamic HTML5 charts. Bulletproof your applications with the most secure development platform that exists today.

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Protect your applications with the 
web development platform that prioritizes security.

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migration between GCP, AWS, or Azure with zero code rewrites.​

 Graph QL client
 Lightweight installer

Lightweight installer

Get up and running in minutes with an all-new installer that lets you automate repeatable installations of only the services you need. You have absolute control over what you install at all times.

Docker images

Docker Images

Deploy and scale applications quickly in any environment and ensure your ColdFusion code runs seamlessly in all of them. Standardise environments for continuous integration and delivery of your applications.

Asynchronous programming

Asynchronous Programming

Boost the performance of your principal application by using the RUNASYNC function to offload resource-intensive code segments to a secondary thread and avoid managing multiple threads. Once the result is ready to be consumed, you’ll receive a notification. 

Improved object-oriented support

Improved object-orientated support

Increase code reuse, improve modularity, enhance productivity, and implement object-orientated design patterns using final variables, methods and components, abstract components, default functions, and interface and co-variant return types.

 Dynamic and interactive HTML5 charting

Dynamic and Interactive HTML5 Charting

Create a large repository of dynamic, data-heavy HTML5 charts, with a versatile server-side charting engine, using the built-in CFCHART tag. Show data in a wide range of interactive formats with features such as zoom-in to help consumers get a granular view of information.

LDAP and SAML integration
JWT integration in CF
Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On

Enjoy the convenience of having one set of credentials across multiple applications. With SAML, all users have a single point of authentication, which gives the enterprise a birds-eye view of user-level access into the ecosystem at all times.

Auto lockdown

Auto Lockdown

With a single click, implement a lockdown of your production server, the steps of which will be systematically followed, ensuring that security measures are fail-safe and in compliance. Post-lockdown, the system will continue to be monitored for potential breaches.

Security enhancements

Security Enhancements

Provide authentication, integrity, and confidentiality to users with NTML authentication support on CFSHAREPOINT, CFOBJECT, and CFINVOKE. Access the ColdFusion administrator and Performance Monitoring Toolkit easily with Common Access Card (CAC) authentication.

Security code analyzer

Security Code Analyzer

Use the security code analyzer to scan existing application code and automatically detect vulnerabilities and potential security breaches. Identify the exact vulnerable code, type of vulnerability, and severity level and mitigate the vulnerability with the suggestion provided.


HTML to PDF conversion

Use the powerful conversion engine from Adobe to generate superior-quality PDF files from HTML pages. The engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the content in the PDF appears and functions as it does in the web browser, retaining formatting, layout, and hyperlinks.

Cloud storage services

Cloud Storage Services

Optimize the efficiency of your projects with AWS S3, Azure Blob, and GCP Cloud Storage by communicating with multiple databases using a single line of code. Grow with storage space that’s expandable, elastic, accessible, and cheaper than ever before.

 NoSQL database

NoSQL Database

Enjoy dynamic and automatic scalability with AWS DynamoDB, GCP MongoDB, and GCP Firestore. Process large volumes of data, access a flexible JSON-like data model, and improve performance and ease of application development by employing these features.

 Messaging service

Messaging service

Eliminate the complexity of message-oriented middleware with Azure Service Bus and AWS SNS/SQS. You can now access messaging queue services with ease, helping you transmit any volume of data across applications and keep tabs on whether your messages are being delivered. 

 Relational database services

Relational Database Services

Keep your databases secure, reliable, and scalable using Amazon RDS, Azure database services, and GCP Cloud SQL. You can now run your business without any disruptions and set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud at a lower cost and in no time at all.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Run ColdFusion codes for virtually any type of application or service using AWS Lambda, with zero administration and automatic scaling. Now pay only for computing time and seamlessly run your codes without thinking about the server.

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