Choose the right settings and effects for your selfie.

Try these tips and apps for editing selfies.

In the age of smartphones, taking a selfie has never been easier. Most cameras have a “portrait mode” that heightens facial features, blurs backgrounds, and auto-adjusts lighting so that you can put your best face forward. It’s easy to lose sight of what makes a good selfie when our phones automatically do it for us. Learn the best settings for your selfie and choose your selfie-editing app based on these features.

What makes a good selfie?

When you’re looking for the right app for editing selfies, make sure you find one that allows you to customize your photo in the following ways:

Of course, you want your selfie to look like you. Apply these effects in a way that feels authentic and enhances your selfie, without totally changing your image.

Edit your selfie in a snap.

Explore how Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and the Photoshop Express mobile app can help you edit selfies for your best look yet.