The best lenses for sports photography.

Learn how to capture fast-moving sports moments with helpful info on the best lenses, shutter speeds, and editing techniques.

Sports photography is exciting — it’s fast paced, dynamic, and full of interesting angles and movements. But capturing those moments can be challenging without the right lens, camera settings and editing skills. Learn how to pick the best lens for sports photography, whether you’re an amateur catching a neighborhood soccer game or a professional on the field.

How to pick the best lens for sports photography.

You’re going to need a lens that offers more speed and range than a regular lens in order to capture sharp and vibrant still frames of athletes in motion. Look for these characteristics when selecting your camera and lens:

How to make epic sports photography edits.

Whether you’re considering a Canon or a Nikon or anything in between, your lens is only as good as your ability to edit. Once you’ve picked your lens and captured your sports images, follow some of these tips for expert editing.

Explore what more you can do with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as you start shooting epic sports photography.