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Make a profile picture for YouTube with stunning free templates from Adobe Express, or create your own original design.

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Discover free profile picture templates for YouTube from Adobe Express.

Design a handcrafted profile photo for your YouTube channel that captures your personality or brand from the very first impression. Explore the Adobe Express professionally designed profile picture templates to get you inspired, then choose one to remix and customize. Add your image or headshot, spice it up with photo filters, customize with design elements, and upload your photo straight to your YouTube channel, along with countless other social platforms.

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How to create a profile picture for YouTube.

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Brand your YouTube channel with creativity on your side.

Adobe Express makes it easy to turn any photo into the perfect dimensions for your profile picture needs. Add logos or branding from your channel, or create a frame to recognize causes and holidays. There are endless creative opportunities when using this YouTube PFP maker.

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Let Adobe Express be your profile picture for YouTube design expert.

Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your profile picture for YouTube from scratch. Duplicate designs and resize them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Adobe Express, it’s free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the ideal size for a YouTube profile picture?
Use a square photo that is 800px by 800px. YouTube profile pictures can be JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG format, and should be no larger than 4 MB. Use the Resize tool in Adobe Express to enter in your specific size, and then choose your preferred file format when you’re ready to download it.
How do I remove the background from a photo I want to use for my profile picture?
Upload your photo to your project, then tap or click on the image and choose Remove Background. Our intuitive tool will remove the background so you can place your subject over new creative backgrounds or wallpapers.
Can I make my YouTube profile picture the same as all the other social media channels?
Absolutely. Square profile pictures are a standard across almost every social media platform, so you can easily upload your new profile picture to all your channels.
Can I create my own YouTube profile picture template?
Any new or existing project can be turned into a shareable template. Open your project, choose the Share option in the top right, and follow the prompts to make your own YouTube profile picture template. Access your templates from your library and share with collaborators.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, Adobe Express has a free plan that includes core features like photo editing tools and effects and thousands of free templates. Learn more about our plans and pricing.