Using Pinterest in the wedding industry

Bride and groom during wedding. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers in the air.

Pinterest is known for being a visual app that is perfect for getting inspiration and ideas, especially when it comes to topics like DIY, crafts, events, fashion, and beauty. As a result, it’s only natural that over the years Pinterest has automatically become a major destination for those looking for wedding inspiration and ideas.


Why is Pinterest good for wedding inspiration?

Pinterest is amazing when it comes to visual inspiration, as well as guidance via written articles linked to Pins. The kind of inspiration you can find on Pinterest relating to weddings includes bouquet inspiration, wedding dresses, wedding party outfits, venue decor and color schemes, party favors, invitations, engagement/wedding rings, venue inspiration, table settings, floral arrangements, as well as various tips on DIY wedding-related craft projects as a way to save money on the big day.

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How Pinterest is used for wedding planning

Pinterest is a wonderful space for people who like to be organized. When it comes to wedding planning, it’s easy to categorize your findings into different boards by pinning your inspiration to different locations. As well as pinning images for their aesthetic inspiration, many Article Pins related to wedding planning also offer a wealth of practical advice and further ideas through linked articles allowing future brides or grooms a little more substance than the average Image Pin. Pinterest can be a great place for increasing your awareness around wedding-related trends, understanding what is popular now, and becoming more detail-oriented in the planning of a wedding.

Of course, one of the main uses of Pinterest has always been to create mood boards, allowing users to collate images or colors together to visualize their event. If you feel like taking your mood board out of Pinterest, check out our mood board templates on Adobe Express:

How can wedding businesses get involved?

If you’re in the wedding industry or the owner of a wedding-related brand, then you should absolutely be building a presence on Pinterest and making the effort to grow and connect with your audience there. While the nature of your business will affect the type of content that you’ll create and post, the following is baseline guidance to include in your Pinterest strategy.

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Convert to a business profile

Converting your Pinterest account into a business account can give you access to additional features that will help your channel grow, such as advanced analytics, more content formats, shopping features, and the ability to create an ad account.

Use high-quality photography to showcase your products and services

Pinterest is, above all else, a platform based on visuals. As a result, your imagery and photography need to be of the highest quality. Showcase your products in situ or use flat lay-style imagery to create visual intrigue and inspire Pinterest users to picture your products within their own weddings.

Use Product Pins

While free to use, Rich Pins do require a little bit of setup as you’ll need to add meta tags to your website and submit an application to Pinterest. Once approved, you’ll be able to create Product Pins, Recipe Pins, and Article Pins that will automatically update according to the information on your website. Product Pins are a great feature for businesses to utilize in showcasing their catalog of products on Pinterest.

Use Article Pins

Despite the need for high-quality imagery, Pinterest isn’t just about visual inspiration. Make use of Article Pins to share insight and advice to bring more value to your audience. As a business, it’s great to promote your products where you can, but your focus should also be on providing value that serves the needs of your audience.

Schedule your Pins

While there’s nothing wrong with capitalizing on current events or creating some content on the fly, the bulk of your Pinterest content should be pre-planned and scheduled in advance using a tool such as Content Scheduler in Adobe Express. Having planned content will help you to think more strategically and thoughtfully about the content you are posting, as well as help you to remain consistent in the amount of content you are publishing.

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Make use of Pinterest SEO

If you want to be strategic in your approach to Pinterest and ensure that your content receives the most possible reach, then you should be calculated in your use of keywords and phrases to get your content to appear in search results across the platform. Words such as “wedding,” “wedding planning,” or “wedding decor inspiration,” when used in your Pin titles or descriptions or even in the description of your page, can help your content to be more discoverable and be found more easily by its target audience.

Use topic tags

Topic tags can be used to tag your Idea Pins or Video Pins, similar to how hashtags are used. Topic tags will make it obvious to Pinterest and to users on the platform what your content is about, thus making it easier for your Pins to reach their target audience.

For more advice on using Pinterest as a business in general, check out our blog on how to grow your Pinterest following.

Pinterest templates to help you get started

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