Social media trends all marketers need to know for 2022



The world of social media is forever changing. Social networks are constantly making updates, releasing new features, and introducing new types of content. It makes life for social marketers exciting, fun, and fast-paced, but also pretty hectic, to say the least. Trends come and go faster than you can say ‘Harlem shake’ and it’s easy for businesses to get left behind.

If you’re wondering what is trending on social media in 2022, then this is the guide for you. We’ll be running through all of the top social media trends that marketers need to know in order to make the most from their social media presence.

Before you dig into current social trends, we recommend solidifying a social media toolkit to make sure your marketing team stays consistent and fresh online.

Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content (content that is available for a set period of time) has risen in popularity thanks to networks such as Instagram (Instagram Stories) and Snapchat and has since spread into other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn more recently (although LinkedIn has since removed its Stories capabilities). Ephemeral content is popular because it is always current. It is used to either showcase something that is happening right now or give insight into whatever someone is thinking about in real time. Secondly, due to the temporary nature of the content, a sense of urgency to view the content is created meaning it often gets more attention than other social media posts.

One popular tactic many influencers and businesses use is to post a sneak peak of their latest feed post onto their stories so that people will go and visit their feed post and engage with it. If you’re a business, we recommend publishing some face to face video content with your team, or giving a tour of the office. Video content will work best for Stories so try to make your content visual and speak to the camera wherever you can.

If you’re looking to get involved with ephemeral content, we recommend starting with Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Short-form video content

Attention spans are short, and our tolerance for poor quality content is low. As a result, it’s no wonder that short-form video content such as TikTok’s or Instagram Reels have become hugely popular in a relatively short space of time. Could it be the ease with which people can browse though TikToks or Reels between tasks without feeling the need to set time aside, or is it that content creators can create better content when there’s less pressure on them to fill up time? Whatever the reason, short-form video content held its place as an immoveable social media trend during 2022.

If you’re a business and are interested in getting involved then fear not, TikTok in particular is becoming more of a space where businesses are welcome and there are also some paid advertising opportunities that you might like to look into. Check out some other businesses on TikTok for inspiration such as Ryanair, Marks & Spencer’s, E.L.F Cosmetics, and San Diego Zoo. If you keep your content creative and make use of TikTok trends, there no reason why your content can’t be trending on social media in no time.

Live streaming

Live streaming, whether it’s via Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook is still a crowd-pleaser in 2022. Live streams allow you to get so much closer to your social media audience, and them to you. The format is a great way for you to increase your social media audience engagement and simply foster a two-way relationship with your audience.

As you explain something of value or demo something new in real time, you allow your audience to feel valued as you give up a designated amount of your time to focus on them. Live streaming often comes with the ability for your audience to leave comments and ask questions as you go, opening up the lines of communication and strengthening your relationship. For even greater success, consider how you can use live streaming to present episodic content in order to keep viewers coming back, while also growing your viewership over time.


Along with TikTok, podcasts are another social media trend that rose in popularity during 2022. Podcasts provide an easy way to multi-task while consuming content. After all, what’s better than driving, working out, doing chores or work while listening to your favorite podcasters chat about news, pop culture, politics, or whatever niche subject you’re interested in?

Podcasters are now household names, with most podcasts widely available on popular streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes. If you’re looking to start a podcast, begin by finding your lane. If you’re a business, make sure your podcast subject is relevant to your brand. Invite guests to speak on your podcast, or simply keep the same speakers and change the topic each episode. The choice is yours. Just make sure that your conversation is engaging, has room for debate and discussion, and that your speakers are likeable and interesting people.

Tip: Podcasts don’t have to stick to an audio-only format. Many podcasts are also available to watch as videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Employee advocacy

This social media trends places employees as brand ambassadors. Encourage employees to share content and news from the business, re-share / retweet the company’s social posts, and bring more eyes to your content. Your employees can use their networks to spread brand awareness. All this engagement makes your brand seem more human and personable by allowing your messaging to be communicated through an employee, rather than a faceless company page. We recommend that you provide your employees with some rules and guidelines for talking about your business online so that they don’t inadvertently push audience sentiment in the wrong direction by being brutally honest or venting about your company online.

Content monetization

As more and more people get involved in social media and content marketing, it’s only natural that we begin to see more methods of earning money through social media beginning to emerge. While the monetization of YouTube content has been around for years, allowing users to easily add ads into their video content, other newer methods of making money are becoming more common, such as charging a subscription fee to join a Facebook group.


Social networks are swarming with businesses, especially B2C companies trying to find new customers to purchase their products. As a result, social media platforms have been making more and more updates to make e-commerce easier, and allow for in-app purchases. Instagram and Pinterest are great examples of this as they allow users to browse, discover, and make purchases without leaving the app.

Avatars and virtual personas

Avatars and virtual personas will become an increasingly important feature in the coming years as social media users, particularly Gen Z, will seek new ways to customize their online persona beyond profile images. Much like we see in games such as Roblox and Fornite, social media users will want to create their own unique online identity which can then be carried across multiple platforms as the path to the metaverse becomes better understood.

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It’s hard to keep up with what is trending on social media, but it’s important to make the effort to understand what’s new on each social networks in order to seize every opportunity to make great content and connect with your audience. While you don’t need to jump on every social media trend, identifying the ones that fit with your brand and style and getting involved where you can will be a great step forward for your business. Even silly social media trends like the cinnamon challenge, or…well… any TikTok dance really, can still be a good idea when paired with the right brand.

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