Election Starter Pack: Everything You Need for a Winning Student Council Campaign

While a strong, resonant message is the most important asset for any emerging leader, compelling visuals and a savvy marketing strategy play key roles in educating the masses and engendering support for your cause. And in today’s political  landscape, traditional campaign methods and social media strategy must converge in order to reach potential voters. With its easy design solution, Adobe Spark’s campaign poster maker can help you create a strong brand and compelling content that’ll give you the edge on the campaign trail. Consider the following guide your checklist for delivering your message consistently and beautifully online and offline.

For the purpose of this starter pack, complete with design tips, social media ideas, and editable free poster templates (just click to make them your own!), we’re taking a look at *Student Body President candidate Arial Corriente’s campaign to ban plastic straws from her school’s cafeteria, which was inspired by Lonely Whale’s real-life Strawless Ocean campaign.

(*Arial and Del Mar High School, home the Sharks are fake; the plastic facts are real.)

An Eye-Catching Logo and Cohesive Imagery




When making visuals for your campaign, your main goal is to build recognition—to get people to remember you, your name, and what you stand for. Your logo, colors, and fonts should work together to be the “silent ambassador of your brand.” Here are a few things to keep in mind when working on the visual brand elements of your political campaign.

Pro-Tip: Got your logo, colors, and fonts ready to go? Let Adobe Spark subscription auto-generate templates in a variety of use cases for you!

Now that you have the basics of your visual brand covered, the next step is to think through the marketing collateral your campaign needs. Here’s a checklist of content that will power your campaign:

Campaign Posters to Distribute and Hang Up



The humble, timeless poster is still an important tool of persuasion and branding in today’s politics. Today campaign posters are used predominantly to create a memorable visual association, rather than provide a bunch of information. Most campaign posters feature the candidate’s face, name, and central message of their campaign.

Pro-Tip: Once you’ve landed on a poster design you like, supercharge your output by using Adobe Spark’s resize feature to modify the content for multiple surfaces. For instance, you’ll notice the same design elements below for social media covers.

Event Invitations and Flyers

Campaign rallies and fundraisers are important for galvanizing supporters offline, where you’re more likely to build the relationships that will make you successful. Create your invitations and event flyers in a snap with Adobe Spark and keep in mind the best flyers communicate key information like who, what, where, and why.

Check out more event flyer templates!

Campaign Videos

The best campaign videos educate people about the issue you care about and end with a strong, specific call-to-action. There are many ways to use video storytelling to influence hearts and minds, but here Arial takes the tactic of leading with a staggering stat in order to hook viewers. A little camera shy, Arial opts for Adobe Spark‘s video narration feature to lend a personal tone to the video. You can use videos like this to introduce your speeches or debates or share the content on social media.

A Way to Activate Your Network of Supporters Online


Your message will reach more people if you tap your network to share their support. To do so, you gotta make it super easy for people to participate. Consider the editable template above. Arial can ask her supporters to share her message by asking them to edit the design by adding their name and photo, sharing it on social, and passing along the link for the next person. All she needs to do is equip her network with a remixable template link (hint: tap “make remixable copy” under the share flow to get a link).

Pro-Tip: Most viral moments on social media don’t happen on accident. Most of the time, content gains traction through a tactic called broadcast diffusion, which requires coordination of multiple people who flood the networks with a message or share one central piece of content in a small timeframe, causing the content to spread faster. To make it happen, recruit your friends and supporters to tweet or share a specific message with a specific hashtag at a specific time. Read more about how you can use broadcast diffusion and Adobe Spark to help your message spread on social.

Branded Covers for Your Social Media Pages

Your social media covers are powerful branding opportunities. Consider creating a consistent presence from Twitter to Tumblr.

Branded Social Media Graphics, Infographics, and Videos

Where as central branding pieces, such as your social media headers and campaign posters, should focus on your campaign’s main call-to-action (Vote for you!), your social media content can and should captivate potential supporters by diving deeper around certain topics. Here are a few of the use cases you might employ for your social media pages:

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Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash