How to Prepare an Outstanding Job Application

Your guide to applying for a job, with some creative guidance from Adobe Spark.

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Grab interest with your audience by using creativity.

Your job application is a crucial opportunity to paint the most incredible picture of yourself and your accomplishments to future employers. With Adobe Spark, you can craft a resume, CV, portfolio, cover letter, recommendation letters, and more using unique formats. Explore traditional, professional templates, or take the road less traveled with unconventional presentation options to create a memorable experience that tells of your talents and abilities. Stressless and create more with Adobe Spark so you can present a well-rounded, standout application.

The best way to catch your audience’s attention is by standing out. Use your creativity to craft stand-out content that is uniquely its own. Adobe Spark is here to help you create beautiful designs.

Tips on preparing job applications.

Apply accurately.
Be sure to thoroughly understand the job requirements. Read through the listing and jot down important keywords that apply to the position and include them in your application.
Understand your audience.
Re-write, re-read, and revise your application as needed. After you’ve written the first draft of your application, proofread it. Compare it to the job listing and take out any details that don’t match the position. Add in details that might be important. Use clear, concise language. And lastly, write in a voice that is unique to you that will draw in your reader from start to finish.
Keep your online channels updated.
Update your LinkedIn and touch up your CV and portfolio on Adobe Spark. If you use social media, make sure your public information reflects how you want your employer to perceive you, otherwise double-check your privacy settings. Set yourself up to make the best impression possible.

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