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FrameMaker Buying Guide


Buy a single subscription of Adobe RoboHelp for individuals online and quickly get started with your technical documentation in minutes.

Teams and Enterprises

Buy Adobe RoboHelp in volume for teams, small businesses and enterprises and manage named user licenses through a web-based admin console.


Eligible educational institutions can purchase licenses of Adobe RoboHelp at a discounted rate for students and instuctors.              

Enterprise Plans

Pick a plan that's right for your organization
Term Licenses - ETLA
Term Licenses - ETLA
Customized term licensing | Ideal for enterprises
An Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) is ideal for larger deployments across centralized organizations. Get cloud and desktop offerings and budget predictability over a three-year term, with one annual payment due on the samedate each year.
Subscription Licenses - VIP
Subscription Licenses - VIP
Flexible subscription licensing | Ideal for teams and SMBs
The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program with simple and secure management capabilities, flexible terms and discount levels that increase as you make additional purchases. Qualified members can save even more with VIP Select.
Individual Plan


Individual Plan

For those who want to get started in minutes
Buy Adobe RoboHelp directly from Adobe.com on subscription for 38,09 €/moincl. VAT. Currently, only one license can be purchased from Adobe.com store per transaction. This plan is best suited for freelance professionals or very small businesses with fewer license requirements. 
*annual commitment, paid monthly or annually. Available in select countries.


Education Plan 

Available at ~60% discount for students and teachers
This plan is best suited for educational institutions with a Technical Communication program in their curriculum. Students and instructors may use the software purchased at discounted rates. 
Education Plan
Education Plan


Education Plan 

Available at ~60% discount for students and teachers
This plan is best suited for educational institutions with a Technical Communication program in their curriculum. Students and instructors may use the software purchased at discounted rates. 

Version Comparison Chart

Explore the new features & enhancements in Adobe RoboHelp compared to the previous versions.
✓ Available | ● Enhanced | * New features  
Latest release 2019 release 2017 release 2015 release
Micro content authoring*      
Cross-reference support*      
Ability to import folder in baggage files  
Ability to toggle variable views  
Ability to add thumbnails  
Find topics in project manager
Easily update CSS styles
Preview output across screen types
Conversion of auto-size or text-only pop-ups to hyperlinks
Enhanced search functionality
Preview topic and output in multiple browsers
Visual CSS style editor 
User-defined variables (UDV)
UDVs in table of contents and index 
Master pages (topic templates) 
Snippets within Snippets    
Converting snippets to HTML text 
Named conditional expressions
Conditional build tags
CSS3 support
HTML5 authoring support    
Real-time Object properties viewer    
Responsive HTML5 layout editor
Style pod 
Media view in editor
Ability to view media queries
Glossary pop-up
Better project structure management    
Hyperlinks, pop-ups, and image maps 
Multiple TOCs, indexes, and glossaries
Dictionary, Spell Check, Thesaurus, and Auto-Correct 
Microsoft Word 2016 Support 
Rich media support
Graphics and multimedia support 
Support for SVG    
YouTube/Vimeo/mp4 support    
Insert Adobe Captivate files
Review and collaboration
Web-based/online review*      
TOC-based reviews
Shared reusable resources
Client-based review workflow 
Shared topics for real-time collaboration and review
Automatic management of dependencies in shared topics 
Automatic cross-reference resolution in shared topics 
Translation and localization
Auto-translate with machine translation*      
XLIFF based translation support*      
Content management
Out-of-the-box Microsoft SharePoint integration   
Integrated Sharepoint Online support      
Integrated Git, GitHub support      
Integrated Microsoft Azure DevOps (Team Foundation Server) support      
Publish to Zendesk*      
Publish to Salesforce Knowledge*      
Out-of-the-box Integration with chatbots*      
Frameless layout with top-navigation bar*      
New Frameless output*    
Next-generation Responsive HTML5 layouts  
Add favorites in Responsive HTML5 layouts  
New HTML5 layout
Maintained TOC state in HTML5 output
Out-of-the-box support for social widgets
Optimized HTML5 output
Single-click Responsive HTML5 publishing 
Dynamic content filters
Tagged Output view
Native mobile apps support on Android & IoS
TOC-based output
Single-sourcing to multiple channels
Content accessibility with Section 508 compliance
Publishing - End user search
Enhanced search results in HTML5 layouts
Search highlights
Unique URLs for pages
Metadata menu 
Keyword-based search
Stop lists
Mac OS Support*      
Windows 10 support
Windows 8.1 support
Chrome, Firefox, Edge browser support
64-bit OS support

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