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Lush’s story at a glance.

Lush’s brand is built on their clear and transparent core beliefs, with innovation at the core of scaling their brand and business around the world. This is how Lush united digital and physical in their retail experience to scale their business.

The business challenge.

Lush is an ethical cosmetics inventor, manufacturer and retailer. With more stores opening globally at a high pace, Lush is constantly seeking to improve their retail experiences at scale.

Leveraging technology and innovation, they want to create more immersive, sustainable and inclusive retail experiences to ultimately drive business and brand growth.

56 countries - 900 + stores
Lush store

Lush’s objectives.

Lush has four key objectives; increase brand sentiment, reduce their carbon footprint, provide a borderless experience for their customers and lastly, improve their business efficiency and processes.

Brain storming

The creative solution.

With the challenge and their objectives set, Lush had a creative solution to shape. Using technological innovations as well as the power of Creative Cloud for teams, Lush did this by developing flip-drop and e-ink displays for their stores.


Integrated workflows between apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere allowed Lush’s creative teams to create beautiful content for their immersive new direction.


This has resulted in an experience that allows customers to discover products visually on dynamic screens over reading printed materials.

The results.

A faster time to market, improved dwell-time in store and a reduced carbon footprint prove how Lush have achieved both efficiency and sustainability.


Using LED screens than can be updated in real-time and remotely with new assets, Lush are making the most of their store fronts and shop floors. 


All this add up to an even more luscious retail experience for both Lush and their customers.

Lush store

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