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Adobe’s University Outreach Program brings with it a bunch of benefits for technical communication students across leading institutions worldwide simply by making the industry-standard technical communication tools available to the students for their courses. Adobe has partnered with a number of universities across the globe and offered free of cost licenses of Adobe Technical Communication Suite, to the students and teachers in these programs. If your institution is interested in this partnership, please reach out to us at


“Our partnership with Adobe allows us to train future technical communicators using industry-standard tools so that they are positioned for success in their careers. We are proud to be able to offer our students the competitive advantage that comes with the Adobe Technical Communication Suite.”
- Lisa BaumanProgram Manager and Part time Professor Career Development, Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
"In our new Dual Master's degree in Translation Management at the International University SDI Munich, students benefit enormously from using Adobe software for text creation such as. B. Get to know FrameMaker. This makes our seminars on pre-editing and information management particularly practical. "
- Dr. Rachel Herwartz, Professor of Translation and Terminology Management, SDI International University Munich
"Adobe enables students to learn about the tools and applications from Technical Communication with the availability of licenses from the Technical Communication Suite.
With the practice-oriented tools such as FrameMaker and RoboHelp, I can very well convey the single source principles that are becoming increasingly important in class. They are familiar with the graduate tools that can be used to handle the increasingly complex tasks in technical communication."
- Felix Scheibe, lecturer at the ZHAW and certified Adobe Expert for Framemaker (ACE)
“By partnering with Adobe, our students get free access to powerful, industry-established tools for technical communication. I have been using Adobe Tools in teaching for more than 20 years. In this way, students can learn how to use established programs at an early stage, which gives them a clear advantage in their internships and working student activities during their studies.”
- Prof. Sissi Closs, Information and Media Technology in the Communication and Media Management course, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.
"The master's graduates of the trmd course (Technische Redaktion und Multimediale Dokumentation/technical editing and multimedia documentation) acquire in-depth skills in the field of technical writing. The Adobe software products of the Technical Communication Suite offer the basis with Acrobat, Robohelp and especially FrameMaker.
The University Outreach Program supports our students in acquiring the necessary skills as technical editors and independently writing extensive operating instructions at work. We are grateful to Adobe for being able to experience this support and for passing on these opportunities to our students!"
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Thiele, trmd
“With our master’s program in technical communication and localization, we seek to provide courses that give students opportunities for hands-on, practical application of the competencies they acquire during their coursework using the best tools available.
The Technical Communication Suite is the most popular collection of tools used by the industry for creating and editing technical documentation. In our Technical Publishing class, for example, we use Adobe FrameMaker because it allows users to publish natively across channels, mobile devices, and formats, and to create content with best-in-class XML/DITA support.”
- Dr. Renate de la Paix, program director, Master in Technical Communication and Localization
“The study programs at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences focus on practical skills. Our partnership with Adobe enables our computer science and software localization students to learn the powerful, state-of-the-art, and industry-recognized tools of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite and to be confident that they will meet the latest technological requirements when they start their careers.”
- Prof. Dr. Uta Seewald-Heeg, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
"We are delighted that Adobe is giving international communication students the opportunity to use the Adobe Technical Communication Suite free of charge,". “As a result, our students get to know leading software tools for creating and editing technical documentation during their studies. This not only offers the students an enormous advantage when starting their career, but also future employers."
- Sascha Heimann, technical translator and program manager for the BA course in international communication
“We are thrilled to continue working with Adobe and with Adobe’s generosity toward our program.” “Our students have benefited greatly from their experience with Adobe products, and we are proud to be associated with them. Their Creative Suite is the best collection of products on the market for technical communication studies.”
- Dr. David Wright, Associate Professor of English and technical communication, Missouri S&T
For years, the Munich University of Applied Sciences has relied on the partnership with Adobe for the software for technical communication. This collaboration will now be extended to 2020. The Adobe Tech Comm University Outreach Program enables students to use the Technical Communication Suite free of charge for study purposes.
"I like to use RoboHelp in teaching projects for software documentation, because it can be learned intuitively and also has all the state-of-the-art functions. RoboHelp is also ideal for multiscreen online help on desktop, tablet and smartphone."
- Prof. Grünwied
"Many of our graduates will need to use FrameMaker and other Adobe tools as soon as they are hired. I look forward to preparing them for being productive from their first day on the job, using the tools in the Technical Communication Suite."
- Gregory Schneider-Bateman, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Stout
“Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe RoboHelp are gold standards in applied arts and technology education. They play a vital role in student engagement and learning in school and as they follow their career paths.” 
- Glenn MacDougall, Director of Learning and Teaching Services, Algonquin College
George Brown College
George Brown College
"Partnering with Adobe ensures our students have access to powerful, widely used digital tools for developing, managing and publishing interactive instructional documents and e-learning materials. By becoming well versed in these industry standard software programs, our students will enjoy a competitive advantage in the workforce." 
- Lynne Kurylo, Chair of Liberal Studies, School of Continuing Education
“Many employers are expecting students to be familiar with a documentation software like Robohelp, so I am thrilled that Adobe is giving the students access to the software as they prepare for their careers.” 
- Dr. Lars Söderlund, Wright State University
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver
 “We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to offer TCS at no charge to students in our technical writing courses. Professionals in the industry have often noted the need to employ RoboHelp and Captivate software when writing and editing technical documents, and both our faculty and students have taken this advice to heart. “ 
- Prof. Bob Amend, Department Chairman, Department of Journalism and Technical Communication
Seneca College
Seneca College
 “Adobe not only provides software licenses but their support and training materials deliver added value to our students, making this partnership truly rewarding. Employers increasingly demand skilled communicators who can develop and manage content while helping make technology easier to use. By mastering this software, our students will be must-have employees in any company upon graduation." 
- Prof. Beth Agnew, Coordinator for Seneca’s Technical Communication Program
“Our agreement with Adobe provides students with the opportunity to learn and use a state-of-the-art authoring suite. As a result, [students] can directly apply the design principles that they learn in the course, and see their designs come to life.”  
-  Prof. Robert Myre, New Jersey Institute of Technology
"I was very excited(when I got the call from Adobe asking if I would be interested in partnering). Adobe is one of the premier software companies in the world, and the software in Adobe TCS is used by technical communicators around the world every day"  
- Dr. Ryan Weber, Director of Business and Technical Writing, University of Alabama in Huntsville
“This donation provides our students with essential hands-on experience using the exact software they’ll likely encounter in their careers as technical writers, online help authors, and desktop publishers. It’s the best technology for content development.”
- David McMurrey, Chair of the Business and Technical Communications Department, Austin Community College 
“I was first introduced to Adobe FrameMaker during my Technical Publishing with Adobe FrameMaker class. It’s become my go-to tool. I’m able to put together various technical documents with ease.” 
- Jhenelle J., former ACC student.
Metropolitan State University
Metropolitan State University
“This kind of partnership is a perfect fit for our program. Adobe produces industry standard tools for technical communicators and we want our graduates to be familiar not only with relevant theory, but with the tools of the trade. It's an exciting opportunity, much appreciated by students and their potential employers."  
- Craig Hansen, Professor and Director, Master of Science in Technical Communication Program, Metropolitan State
“It is critical for students to learn how to use the software available in the Adobe Technical Communication Suite because many companies expect employees to have experience using this specific software in technical fields. Students are more likely to be hired if they have learned to use the Adobe Technical Communication Suite.”  
- Corinne Renguette, Ph.D. Program Director, Assistant Professor of Technical Communication


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