Privacy Information for Younger Users

What’s Covered on 
This Page?

This page is about how Adobe (Adobe uses “we”, “us” and “our” to refer to itself here) uses your ‘personal information’ and explains what choices you have about how we use it. This page has been written for Adobe’s younger users, but if you find it hard to understand, you can ask a parent, guardian or a trusted adult to help explain it to you.   


Key Things To Know:


We look after your information and take steps to keep it secure and private. Adobe uses some information about you to provide Adobe services and make them the best they can be. And when it comes to your information, you have certain choices.  For example, you can ask us to: 

•  Give you a copy of it

•  Update it

•  Or delete it, in some situations

You can make these choices and (others) in your privacy settings or by contacting us.


What Information Does Adobe Collect About Me?

When we say personal information, we mean information that could be used to identify or contact you, like your name or email address. There are times when we will ask you for this kind of information, for example, when you make an Adobe ID or when you get in touch with us to ask for help.   

Other times, we collect information about you when you use Adobe services or visit Adobe websites. For example, we collect information about what Adobe apps you used and information about your device (your phone, tablet or laptop). 

We might also ask for your permission to collect information before you start using our website. For more information, see our Cookie Policy which explains how we collect information on websites. 

For certain activities or features, we get information about you that is publicly available or information about you from other companies. For example, if you sign into Adobe using your Google account or interact with an Adobe page on a social media site, we may get some information about you. 

How Is Adobe Using My Information?

Adobe uses the information we collect about you for the purposes explained below.  You can always find out more in our Privacy Policy.

To provide our services. 

We need some information about you to provide our services to you, answer your questions and send you important messages related to your account.

When we have a legitimate interest:  

We have a legitimate interest when we have an important reason to use your information, provided that use is fair to you. For example, we have a legitimate interest when we use your information: 
  To make our apps and services better. For example, if we see that people are not using part of our website, we might try to make that part more useful. 
  To make our services more customised. Sometimes, this includes making sure the ads you see are for things we think you might like. 
  To detect and prevent fraud, security or technical issues and to protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Adobe, our users or the public.
  To answer your questions and send you important  messages about our products and services. 

If you and/or your parent or guardian gives us permission to.

With your permission or the permission of your parent or guardian, we will send you messages telling you about other services we think you might like. 

When the law requires it.  

Sometimes, we have to use your information because the law tells us we have to, even if you haven’t given us your permission. An example would be when the government or the police need to investigate something.

When we need to transfer your information. 

Adobe may need to send your information to locations outside your country as part of providing our services to you. The laws that protect your personal information can also vary from country to country.  You or your parent, guardian or a trusted adult can find out more our Privacy Policy or contact us to learn more about the steps we take to protect your information when we send it to different countries. 

We keep your information for no longer than we need to — for the uses we covered above or to meet legal requirements. For example, when you close your account, we begin deleting information we no longer need. 

We work hard to protect your personal information.  We use a number of different methods including things like encryption, 2-step verification and making sure our employees and contractors keep information confidential. 

Who Does Adobe Share My Information With?

Sometimes we might share your information with others:

  Adobe shares your information with other Adobe companies in the Adobe family. 

  Adobe shares your information with companies we hire to help us. For example, these companies could help us with marketing, help us to keep our services secure and/or help us to take payments. We make sure the other company promises to protect your information like Adobe would.   

  Sometimes we have to share your information to protect you, Adobe or someone else from harm.

  If we sell our business, we will share your information with the buyer.

You Have Choices and Rights

You have choices about how we use your information. You can make these choices in a few different ways if you have an Adobe ID through your privacy settings.


There are many ways you can make your choices about how we use your information:

 Some Adobe apps and websites have other account settings you can change through the Adobe app or website.  

 You can tell us to stop sending you emails about opportunities to buy Adobe products or services by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

 On the Adobe Privacy Choices site you can make choices about things like the use of technologies that collect information and how we may use information to show you advertising based on things we think you might like.

 Finally, you can always contact us and we will do our best to help you. 


Under data privacy laws, when we use your information, you can: 

 Ask us for a copy of the information we have about you. 

 Change the information we have about you or update it if it is wrong. 

 Ask us to delete your information. 

 Ask us not to use information about you to sell you anything.

 Ask us to transfer your information.

 Tell us if you are worried about the way we are keeping or using information about you and want to make a complaint about this.

 Ask us to stop using information about you.

 Complain to the Data Protection Regulator in your country. The Data Protection Regulator is there to ensure companies like Adobe protect your information and abide by the rules.


These rights sometimes only apply if certain conditions are met. If you want more information on these rights, you could ask your parent, guardian or a trusted adult (who can also learn more from our Privacy Policy) or contact us.

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This page explains how Adobe uses your information. You can learn about how other companies use your information by reviewing their privacy statements.