Flash Player


Last updated: May 7, 2012


The Adobe Privacy Policy describes the general privacy practices of most of Adobe’s websites and applications, including Adobe® Flash® Player software. More privacy-related information for Adobe Flash Player is provided below.


Adobe Flash Player allows you to view and interact with SWF and FLV files (files that are read by Flash Player) created and published across the Internet using your browser or mobile device.


Adobe Flash Player allows authors of SWF and FLV files and the websites hosting those files to use local shared objects (LSOs) (learn more about LSOs and privacy features in Adobe Flash Player). LSOs can be used in a similar manner as cookies, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as keeping track of information you provided and remembering your preferences.


Adobe does not control how content authors and websites hosting SWF or FLV files use LSOs. However, we do provide several privacy features in Flash Player. If you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, Flash Player can be set to reject or delete LSOs in the System Preferences on Mac OS X, in the Flash Player Control Panel on Windows®, or with the Flash Player management tools available on the Adobe website so that you can make your own choices about LSOs and other privacy issues.