Adobe Illustrator

Design a world-class brand with Illustrator for business.

Create and collaborate on brand assets that draw customers in. Get the design app made for creative professionals and everyone else in your organization who needs to communicate with impact.

Why businesses choose Illustrator for business.

Design anything your business needs.

Use industry-leading vector drawing and illustration tools to create everything from logos and icons to social graphics and packaging.

Work more efficiently with generative AI.

Illustrator offers features powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI, so everyone can quickly produce amazing on-brand content.

Boost control and collaboration.

Get features that make it simple to share and manage assets, keep branding consistent, and maintain company ownership of creative IP.

Explore key features and benefits.

Get power and precision for professional designs.

Illustrator offers a comprehensive set of tools to create, modify, refine, and scale vector graphics. Customize your type and use advanced color controls with gradients, swatches, and blending capabilities to make your marketing materials stand out.

Create and ideate faster with generative AI features.

Unlock endless color combinations with simple text prompts and Generative Recolor. Or generate customizable, scalable vector graphics for product images and more with a simple description and Text to Vector Graphic. Both new features are powered by Firefly.

Manage your brand assets and work better as a team.

Maintain consistency by sharing assets in team libraries. Restore earlier versions of Illustrator cloud documents for up to 180 days, and mark key versions to save them indefinitely. Plus, keep assets within the company, even as people and projects change.

See how to use Illustrator across your organization.

Build brand graphics for any screen or surface.

Create professional graphics that can be scaled infinitely. Illustrator artwork is vector-based, so it can be sized down for mobile screens and up to stadium size without losing quality.

Create lettering that speaks to your customers.

Develop unique font designs to help ensure that your brand personality comes through in signage, web banners, and ads of all kinds.

Accelerate creative workflows.

Achieve your design goals faster and discover new ways to create with the Contextual Task Bar, which displays the most relevant next action for the object you select based on what you’re doing.

Get exclusive business features.

Shared Adobe Stock images across your team

Team libraries for managing creative assets

180-day version histories for cloud documents

Company asset protection when people leave the organization

Admin Console for managing licenses

Advanced 24x7 support with dedicated chat

Compare plans for business.

Illustrator for teams

Get the industry-standard vector graphics and illustration app plus features designed for business.

   per license ​

Illustrator on desktop, web, and iPad

Business features like admin tools, dedicated 24x7 support, and 1TB of cloud storage

Adobe Express, Adobe Firefly, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Fonts

500 monthly generative credits

Photoshop on desktop, web, and iPad

Creative Cloud All Apps for teams

Get 20+ apps to bring your brand to life and enhance all your business communications.

   per license ​

Best value

Illustrator on desktop, web, and iPad

20+ more creative apps including Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Lightroom, and After Effects

Acrobat Pro with PDF and e-signature tools

Business features like admin tools, dedicated 24x7 support, and 1TB of cloud storage

Adobe Express, Adobe Firefly, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Fonts

1,000 monthly generative credits

Need enterprise-grade security and integrations? Learn more | Looking for plans for individuals? Learn more

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Photoshop for teams

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Adobe Express for teams

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Frequently asked questions

Illustrator is the industry-leading graphic design app that lets you design anything you can imagine — from logos and icons to graphics and illustrations. You can customize your work with professional-level precision, and you get time saving features like Repeat for Patterns and Global Edits. Use the graphics you create with Illustrator in digital or print formats at any size, and be confident they’ll look exactly the way you designed them.  

Both apps let you create beautiful and precise designs and graphics. The difference lies in how they’re created. Illustrator is best for creating graphics that can be infinitely scaled up or down without blurring or losing sharpness, since they’re made of points, lines, and curves — not pixels. Use these vector graphics at any size or in any format you like — small or extra-large, digital or print. Photoshop, on the other hand, is ideal for working with photos and creating or editing pixel-based, or raster, graphics.  Learn more about when to use Illustrator vs. Photoshop. 

Not at all. With Illustrator, you can use shapes, lines, curves, and edges to create beautiful designs with features like Shape Builder, even if you’ve never drawn a thing in your life. Or, try out customizable templates for when you want to get started quickly on a project. The best part is that you can keep modifying and changing colors, fonts, shapes, and more — whenever and as much as you like. 

Yes. You can download it in the App Store, and it’s included in your Illustrator for teams or Creative Cloud All Apps for teams subscription. Illustrator on the iPad is especially great if you love to draw digitally with natural hand movements — for example, by using an Apple Pencil.  Find out more about Illustrator on the iPad. 

Illustrator for teams includes everything in Illustrator for individuals, plus:
• 1TB of cloud storage per user, pooled at the company level to enable collaboration features like Creative Cloud Libraries and Share for Review 
• 180-day extended version histories for cloud documents 
• Company-owned libraries that are accessible to all users in the business plan 
• A web-based Admin Console to easily manage licenses and billing 
• The ability to reclaim assets when people leave the organization
• Centralized IT deployment tools • Advanced 24x7 support with dedicated chat
• 1:1 sessions with Adobe product experts (2 per user per year) • Unlimited job posts through Adobe Talent on Behance, where you can recruit from a pool of millions of creatives

The enterprise plan provides additional license management and deployment options, advanced security features, and enterprise-level support.