How to make AI art.

Make anything you can imagine by following this step-by-step guide on how to make AI-generated art. 


Create something amazing with AI.

Generative AI gives everyone the power to create beautiful images. Whether you’re a trained artist or complete beginner, you can use AI to brainstorm ideas, explore new creative directions or just turn a dream you had into a picture. The best way to learn how to use AI to create art is to jump in and start creating. Follow the tips below for strategies on generating better images faster.

What is AI-generated art?

Any image created on a computer using an artificial intelligence model qualifies as AI-generated art. Generative AI relies on huge datasets and complex algorithms to create new images based on text prompts. A simple prompt like “cat curled up in a patch of sunlight” can generate a beautiful work of art in seconds and you can use this technology to make everything from Afrofuturist album covers to Zen retreat invitations.

Which AI generator is best?

The right AI art generator for you depends on your specific needs, but Adobe Firefly has advantages for creators. You can use Firefly as a stand-alone web app to generate images and add or remove content using Generative Fill. Firefly is also embedded in other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, so you can use it seamlessly with other precision tools in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Another advantage is that the first model of Firefly is designed to be safe for commercial use. Trained on thousands of images from Adobe Stock, openly licensed content and public domain content where the copyright has expired, Firefly gives you the freedom to use your AI art for any project you have in mind.


Adobe doesn’t train Firefly on the personal content of Adobe Creative Cloud customers. Also, as part of its commitment to supporting the creative community, Adobe has developed a compensation system for Stock contributors.

Dog AI art
Eiffel Tower AI art
Rose AI art

How to create AI art with Adobe Firefly.

Beautiful images often start by crafting great AI art prompts. You can keep your prompt short and let the AI make a lot of its own decisions, but you can also get very specific about what you want. Follow these steps to save time and generate beautiful images with the Firefly web app.

1 Push your imagination.

Think deeply about the image you want to create. Ask yourself questions to fill in the picture in your mind:

  • Is it a photograph, graphic design or a painting?
  • Is it rendered in a particular style (like steampunk, fantasy or sci-fi)?
  • Is it a close-up or wide angle shot?
  • Are the figures in it happy or sad?
  • What are the colour scheme and lighting like?

2 Write your prompt.

Incorporate some of your answers to the questions above in your description. The more you can tell the AI model, the closer it can come to meeting your vision.

3 Refine your prompt with boundaries.

For more control over generated images, experiment with these tips:

Add quotation marks.

Group together words that belong together with quotes. For example, the AI may understand the following phrases better with quotes than without: “Bengal tiger walks through a thick jungle” under a “green-tailed sunbird perched on a branch.”

Building covered with Plants

Specify elements to avoid.


For example, type [Avoid = brown] to get results without the colour brown.

Tiger and bird in jungle looking left

Adjust style strength.


With Firefly, the style you choose doesn’t have to be all or nothing. By typing [stylise = 50/50] you can halve the style effect that will be applied to the image. Choose any two numbers that add up to 100. The higher the second number, the more closely the AI will stick to the style in the prompt.

Tiger in jungle

Fine-tune the prompt’s effect.


With a number between 0 and 25, you can guide the AI on how closely you want it to stick to your prompt. Type [guidance = 25] and the AI will follow the prompt as much as possible.

Tiger and bird in jungle

Let the AI run free.


With [raw style = true] the AI will stray from your prompt and possibly surprise you with something wonderful.

Tiger in jungle

4 Generate.

Click Generate and check out the results. Firefly provides four images with every generation, so you have a better chance of finding an image that suits your needs. Click the heart in the upper-right of an image to add to your Favourites, click the Download icon to download it as a JPEG or PNG.

5 Rework your prompt.

If your first iterations aren’t quite what you want, go back to your prompt and make some changes. Try getting even more specific. You can also use the righthand panel to specify aspect ratio, style, colour and tone, lighting and composition.

6 Use Generative Fill.

Firefly makes it easy to transform a pretty good image into a great one. Click the Edit button in the top left of a generated image and select Generative Fill. Then use the Brush tool and more text prompts to insert elements. You can also use the Brush to remove elements.

7 Download.

From the Generative Fill workspace, just click the Download button on the top right.

Take your AI art into other apps.

Use other Adobe Creative Cloud apps to build on whatever you make with an AI generator. For a start, you can upload your AI-generated image to Adobe Express and add text or animated elements. Then it’s easy to share on social media, incorporate into your marketing materials or print out for sharing in real life.


Your AI-generated image might just be the start of a larger project. Upload it to Adobe Photoshop to combine with another image and create a composite. Use Photoshop brushes to paint new elements or get another AI assist with Generative Fill. You can even use the image as a background for animation.


Whatever the final form of your art, knowing how to use an AI art generator is just one more skill in your creative toolkit. Use it to save time, explore new artistic directions and have fun.


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