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How to crop pictures with ease.

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FAQ: Discover how easy it is to crop great pics.

What’s the difference between cropping photos and resizing them?

Cropping trims or cuts away a portion of the image. Unwanted pixels are discarded in the process. When you resize a photo, it changes the dimensions of the original image. No pixels are lost, but the file size and image quality may change.

resizng image of cardinal

How do I crop an image and keep the original photo size?

Use the aspect ratio dropdown menu within the crop tool to get just the image you want. Choose “original” to keep your dimensions the same, or select one of the standard preset sizes. Try the “custom” setting to freely transform and crop images to any dimension. Keep in mind, cropping will delete pixels, so the size of your photo will decrease when cropped.

Girl with mittens full of snow-custom aspect ratio

Does cropping a photo change the quality?

When you crop photos, pixels are deleted. While this doesn’t affect the quality of the remaining pixels, it does mean the image itself is smaller. If you enlarge a cropped photo, the magnification will make the remaining image look more pixelated. When you edit and download a cropped image, the image quality slider will show you the dimensions of the photo needed to ensure image quality.

Good quality image of couple of rock with mountains in background

Can I crop an image to a specific size?

It’s simple to choose the aspect ratio you want for a specific image before cropping. If you’re adjusting pics to post on social media, choose a social platform and image type from the dropdown menu. This lets you preview an image before cropping it to the perfect size for posting on Facebook or Instagram.

Cropping an instagram group shot-snowball fight

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