How to e-sign a job offer letter.

Learn what e-signatures are and how they can help your ideal candidate quickly sign your offer letter.

You’ve reviewed dozens of applications, interviewed skilled candidates, and finally found your ideal employee. Now, all you need to do is send them a job offer letter. But this particular position needs to be filled very quickly, and you’d really rather not wait around for the applicant to print and scan the signed letter.

A question might pop into your mind: “Can you electronically sign an offer letter?” Good news — you can.

What are e-signatures?

Electronic signatures — or e-signatures — are a method to indicate acceptance of an agreement or a document digitally. They usually come in the form of a digitized handwritten signature. You can create one either by scanning a pen-and-paper signature or writing your signature digitally in an application.

Are e-signatures legally binding?

An e-signed offer letter is fully legally binding. E-signatures are recognized as valid in the U.S., the European Union, and most other industrialized countries. You can add a digital authentication certificate to them for additional legal validity to protect confidentiality and confirm the signer’s identity.

What other benefits do e-signatures have?

E-signatures are faster to process than traditional signatures because they eliminate the need to print, scan, and mail paper documents. At the same time, they save both you and your candidate money in printing and paper costs. They also let you e-sign offer letters and other documents from just about anywhere with a mobile device.

Many job candidates appreciate the ease and convenience of signing an offer letter electronically. Plus, they’ll see that your company is on top of the latest digital trends. That’s particularly attractive to younger candidates.

How can I start using e-signatures?

You can create and request e-signatures with an e-signing software, like Adobe Sign, that lets you request and track signatures, share documents with multiple recipients, add safety certificates, and more.

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