What are the CMS signature requirements?

Learn more about signature requirements for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services when submitting claims.

In the field of healthcare, accurate documentation and valid signatures are necessary aspects of keeping patient care moving. Missing or illegible signatures can create a delay in processing Medicare and Medicaid claims and potentially delay medical care. Let’s dive into standard CMS signature requirements to help ensure your paperwork checks all of the boxes.

CMS signature requirements for documentation.

In order for a CMS worker to adequately review a provider’s claim, the submitted information needs to be complete. This means that you must submit your signature and date of care along with the detailed medical documentation for your patient.

If the signature or date is missing, the CMS may deny the claims. The CMS does not accept retroactive signatures or dating, so including these elements when submitting documentation is crucial.

What makes my signature valid?

What is a signature log and how is it used?

A signature log is a collection of typed names and handwritten signatures from physicians and other healthcare providers. The CMS may refer to this log in order to cross-check and ensure signature identity when processing claims.

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