Have Critical Data in the Cloud? Know Adobe’s Security Approach

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On-Demand webinar  |  Free of charge


The technology landscape has evolved dramatically over the last several years, and security has to adapt to each change. Most businesses now keep their data in the cloud, but they want to be confident that the cloud services they rely on are aligned with industry-accepted best practices, standards, and certifications.

In this 10-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How you can enhance your cloud security
  • How Adobe secures information entrusted to our cloud
  • Why a uniform, best-of-breed security stack is essential
  • How to use automation tools to quickly gather the right data to make decisions
  • How Adobe’s comprehensive strategy protects customer data in our cloud


Brad Arkin
Chief Security Officer, Adobe

Closed captioning is available for all the Innovation Series webinars and for the on-demand recordings. There will not be a dial-in option for this session. Contact Rebecca Staley with any questions.

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