Frequently asked questions

When can I apply for the Creative Residency?

Applications for the program year 2020 are closed. Submissions are accepted once a year, usually around the beginning of the new year.  

Click the link to sign up to be notified when when you can submit your proposal for the Creative Residency 2021. Good luck!


What are the dates of the Creative Residency year?
The Creative Residency runs from May through April each year.


What are the eligibility requirements?
Creative Residents must:

  • Live in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, or Canada
    • Relocation for the duration of the residency to one of these countries will not qualify you to be elligible
  • Be of legal age and status to work in their given country
    • Note: There is no upper age limit
    • The program does not sponsor or extend visas
  • Speak and write fluent English
  • Interact with the creative community in the primary language of the country in which they live — e.g., German residents in German, UK residents in English, Japanese residents in Japanese
    • Application and interviews are in English


In which creative fields are you interested in finding candidates?
We have a focus on the following fields:

  • Short-form online video
  • Photography
  • Digital drawing and painting
  • Graphic design (digital and print)
  • Experience, interaction, interface design (UX / UI / VX / XD)
    • Must use Adobe XD 
    • Coding skills not required

We consider candidates from all visual design disciplines that have a digital component.

If the primary focus of your project is for a creative field such as dance, creative writing, podcasting, or any other field that does not traditionally classify as design or visual art, it is not eligible for the Adobe Creative Residency program.

Projects that primarily focus on design and visual art and have a non-visual component such as podcasting or writing will be considered for the Residency. For instance, resident Tyler Babin is primarily a videographer who also runs a podcast series; past resident Aaron Bernstein is primarily a photographer who also maintained a blog.


Can an individual apply with another person or as part of a team?
No. We currently accept only individuals for the Creative Residency.


Are Creative Residents paid?
Creative Residents are given health insurance and paid a full salary commensurate with their experience and geographical location. Adobe also covers each resident's travel and project costs, including hardware, during the residency.


Are Creative Residents required to relocate?
Creative Residents remain in their current living location with their existing studio setup. Residents will visit our Adobe San Francisco office once a quarter and can expect to spend up to 25% of their time traveling to creative events. 


Can Creative Residents work for other clients during the residency?
The focus of the program is for Creative Residents to work on their projects and accomplish their long-term goals. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.


If I have a disability, am I eligible for the Residency? 
We welcome all applicants and will provide necessary accommodations upon request.


Whom do I contact with additional questions about the Creative Residency?
You can ask us any additional quesitons at

Note: Due to the high volume of emails we receive each year, we reply only to questions not answered above.

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