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Community Fund FAQ


When will Community Fund recipients be notified?

The program  hires for commissions each month. Typically, applicants are notified of their application status within 30-60 days of their submission. 

What kind of commission work will I get if I’m accepted through the application process?

Commission work depends on Adobe’s needs as well as your skills and the strength of your portfolio. Commissions can range from writing and recording a tutorial to making a video to creating commissioned artwork for use in an application or on social media. 

If I receive a commission for my personal creative project, what kind of license agreement will be put in place? 

We’ll ask you to sign our license agreement, which gives Adobe non-exclusive rights to use your commissioned work for: 

  • Marketing purposes — Your work may appear on our website, blog, social channels, and promotional videos as well as in press images created by us and by third parties (such as our press agencies and partners) when promoting the Creative Residency Community Fund and Adobe apps. 

  • In-app screens — Your work may be featured onscreen when customers open Adobe apps.

  • Education — Your work may be featured in Adobe tutorials and workshops.

You’ll of course retain all copyright to your work and can license it to others as well.


Do Community Fund recipients receive any additional benefits besides money?

Yes, Fund recipients receive one-year memberships to Adobe Creative Cloud and Skillshare along with free Adobe Stock assets.


Can I apply more than once?

No, you can only apply to the Community Fund once.


I applied to the Creative Residency this year but was not selected. May I apply to the Community Fund?

Yes, you may apply for both the Community Fund and the Creative Residency. However, you may only apply to the Community Fund once, whereas you may apply for the Creative Residency as many times as you like. Creative Residency alumni are not eligible for the Community Fund. 

How long will the Community Fund last?

The Community Fund is an ongoing program.


Who’s on the selection committee for the Community Fund?

The selection committee consists of Adobe subject matter experts whose skills and knowledge in different areas of design, photography, etc. give them the tools to assess each submission. Selection for Adobe-commissioned projects is based on how well an applicant’s skills match the opportunities available, and opportunities vary depending on time of year and company focus. We’re considering applicants from all visual disciplines that have a digital component and focus on the following fields:

  •  Video

  • Photography

  • Graphic design

  • Product/interface design (UI/UX)

  • Illustration


Whom do I contact with additional questions about the Creative Residency Community Fund? 
Send your questions to

Note: Due to the high volume of emails we receive year-round, we reply only to questions not answered on our site. 

Creative Residency FAQ 


When can I apply for the Creative Residency? 

Applications for the 2022 program year will be open in early 2022. Visit our How to apply page for more details. 


What are the dates of the Creative Residency year? 

The Creative Residency runs from May through April each year. 


What are the eligibility requirements? 
Creative Residents must: 

  • Live in the United States. Relocation for the duration of the Residency to the U.S. will not qualify you to be eligible. 

  • Be of legal age and status to work in the U.S. 

    • Note: There is no upper age limit. 
    • The program does not sponsor or extend visas. 
  • Speak and write fluent English
    • Application and interviews are in English.
  • Interact with the creative community in English.  


I live outside the U.S. May I still apply to the Residency?  

No. For the 2021-22 Residency year, we’re only accepting applications from people in the U.S. 


In which creative fields are you interested in finding candidates? 
We focus on the following fields: 

  • Short-form online video 

  • Photography 

  • Digital drawing and painting 

  • Graphic design (digital and print) 

  • Experience, interaction, interface design (UX / UI / VX / XD)     

    • Must use Adobe XD. 
    • Coding skills not required. 


If the primary focus of your project is for a creative field such as dance, creative writing, podcasting, or any other field that does not traditionally classify as design or visual art, it is not eligible for the Adobe Creative Residency program. 


Projects that primarily focus on design and visual art and have a non-visual component such as podcasting or writing will be considered for the Residency. For instance, past Resident Tyler Babin is primarily a videographer who also ran a podcast series; past Resident Aaron Bernstein is primarily a photographer who also maintained a blog


Can an individual apply with another person or as part of a team? 
No. We currently accept only individuals for the Creative Residency. 


Are Creative Residents paid? 
Creative Residents are paid a salary commensurate with their experience and geographical location. Adobe also covers select project costs during the Residency.


Are Creative Residents required to relocate? 
Creative Residents remain in their current living location with their existing studio setup.   


Can Creative Residents work for other clients during the Residency? 
The focus of the program is for Creative Residents to work on their projects and accomplish their long-term goals. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. 


Can I apply with a project I’ve already started?  

If you’ve already started a project, simply outline in your proposal what you've done, what's left to do, and how working on it during the Residency will push your skills, benefit your community, and develop your career. Many Residents have worked on and finished pre-existing projects during the first few months of their Residency.  


What kind of license agreement will be put in place for the work I create during my Residency?  

We’ll ask you to sign our license agreement, which gives Adobe non-exclusive rights to use your commissioned work for:  

  • Marketing purposes — Your work may appear on our website, blog, social channels, and promotional videos as well as in press images created by us and by third parties (such as our press agencies and partners) when promoting the Creative Residency Community Fund and Adobe apps.  

  • In-app screens — Your work may be featured onscreen when customers open Adobe apps. 

  • Education — Your work may be featured in Adobe tutorials and workshops. 

You’ll of course retain all copyright to your work and can license it to others as well. 


Do Residents have to do a closing show or capstone at the end of the Residency?  

Unlike school, we do not require a closing exhibit or show of your work. If your career would greatly benefit from you having a solo show, include that in your application project proposal. 


If I have a disability, am I eligible for the Residency?  
We welcome all applicants and will provide necessary accommodations upon request. 


Whom do I contact with additional questions about the Creative Residency? 
Send your questions to

Note: Due to the high volume of emails we receive each year, we reply only to questions not answered on our site. 

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