How to Convert a PDF for a Kindle

When you send a PDF to your Kindle, it can be easier to read and, for longer PDFs especially, much easier to navigate than on a desktop. Discover how to send a PDF to Kindle and how to convert a PDF to Kindle format using our handy guide so that you can read your favourite PDF eBooks on this popular device.

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Quick list: How to Read a PDF on a Kindle.

Want to read a PDF on a Kindle? The easiest way to send a PDF to your Kindle device is via email. Follow these steps.


  1. Log in. Log into your Amazon account through Open Account & Lists and go to Manage your account and devices. On the top bar, find Devices and select your Kindle.
  2. Personal email. Each Kindle comes with its own email address so find yours now. This is where you are going to email your PDF.
  3. You’ve Got Mail. Create a new email with Convert as the subject line. Attach your PDF to this email and address it to your Kindle’s personal email. Send your PDF to your Kindle.
  4. Download in progress. Amazon will automatically convert your PDF into a Kindle format. Give the Kindle time to update and download your PDF from its servers. Then you’ll be able to read a PDF on your Kindle.

In Detail: Converting a PDF for a Kindle.

PDFs can be added to your Kindle through a direct file transfer, by connecting it to your computer via a USB cable.


Drag the relevant file into Kindle > Documents. It should then appear in your library. If you don’t have a USB cable, email is the best way to send a file to your Kindle.


1. To do this, you need to know your Kindle’s personal email address. Using a web browser, log into your Amazon account, open Account & Lists and navigate to Manage my devices. Select the option Devices from the top bar. You should see the details of your Kindle, including the email address. 

2. Now switch to your email application and create a new email. Type or paste the Kindle’s email into the address window. Make sure you type Convert into the subject line. Now attach one or more PDF files.

3. Press Send on your email. Your Kindle will receive it and automatically convert all the files contained within into a supported eBook format.

4. This won’t take long, but you may need to manually request that the Kindle downloads new books from the cloud. Your PDF should now show in your Library under All.

What are the Benefits of Reading a PDF on a Kindle?

There are plenty of benefits to converting a PDF to Kindle format when you’re specifically looking to use them on your Kindle device.


  • Increased readability. The text within your PDF file will be too small to read clearly without zooming in on the Kindle screen. By converting the file to an eBook format, you will make the text dynamic, so it will resize to fit the page and increase the number of pages accordingly. 
  • More accessible. The formatting of a PDF file cannot be edited on a Kindle, meaning you can’t adjust the font size or style to suit your visual needs. A file that has been converted is more accessible to readers.
  • Built in bookmarks. Trying to read a zoomed in PDF can be laborious and it is easy to lose your place. Converting your PDF to a Kindle format means that it be easier to keep track of where you’re up to in your document. 


Here are some of the most common questions asked by people who also searched for how to convert PDF to Kindle format.

What is the difference between an eBook and a PDF?


Both PDFs and eBooks are digital text files, but can Kindle read PDFs? While eReaders like Amazon’s Kindle can display PDFs, they are static and cannot be edited or manipulated, unlike eBooks.


An eBook file is designed to be malleable. Users can change the font and font size, increase line spacing, highlight text and find the meaning of words by clicking them. This is why eBook formats like EPUB and MOBI are generally preferred for displaying books digitally.

Can you read PDFs on Kindle Paperwhite?


Kindle Paperwhite can read PDF files without having to convert them into a different file format. They will be displayed exactly as laid out in the original PDF document, unlike eBook files where the user can change text size, increase the margins and line spacing and change the font.

What file format does Kindle use?


Kindle is compatible with eBook files including KPF and EPUB. It is also capable of reading non-eBook files such as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX), Rich Text Format (RTF) and Plain Text (TXT) documents.


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