How to Save a PDF to an iPhone.

Saving a PDF to your smartphone is a great way to access your important files and documents on the go – wherever you are, and even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. 


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Quick list: how to save PDF to iPhone.


Follow these steps to save PDF to iPhone.


  1. Find your file. On your iPhone, tap the PDF to open it.
  2. Share to save. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Export to your smartphone. Tap Save to books or another desired app.
  4. You can now locate your PDF on your iPhone.

In detail: saving PDF to iPhone step by step.

Saving a PDF on your iPhone is simple. In addition to being able to save PDFs, you can also save web pages and emails as a PDF on your device using Apple Books. Below, we’ll go through the steps involved

1. On your iPhone, open the PDF you want to save within a tab in Safari. Alternatively, this could also be a webpage you want to access offline or send to someone who cannot access the live version.


Step 1


2. Tap the Share button to bring up your options. On iPhone, this button can be found at the bottom  of the screen – whereas on iPad, it is found at the top of the screen. 


Step 2

3. If the icon doesn’t show, you may need to scroll up towards the top of the page a little for the menu bar to re-appear. 

Step 3a
Step 3b

4. Once the menu appears, you will see a number of options from iOS on what to do with the file,        including sending in an email or text message. You will also see options for where you store your PDF, including in the iPhone’s native Books app or in another app you have installed. 


5. There are a few options for where to save your file, although Books is usually one of the most      popular choices as it adds the PDF across all of your devices.


Step 5


6. You can also save the PDF to your Files.


Step 6

7. The PDF is now securely saved onto your iPhone.                      

Step 7

Why it's helpful to save a PDF to an iPhone.

Discover why it’s worth learning how to save a PDF to an iPhone.

  • Easily access files on the go. Whether it’s an event ticket or work assignment, by learning how to download PDF on iPhone you will be able to access your important files from anywhere. This also saves you carrying a laptop or relying on Wi-Fi or mobile broadband coverage. 
  • Keep your file format. Ever been emailed a file, only for it to go wrong when you open it? A PDF saves the coding of the design to the PDF file. This prevents the layout from changing when viewed across different devices. 
  • Easily transferable. Some apps like Pages on Apple devices are very specific to the software developer and don’t work great on Windows devices. Saving files as a PDF means you can easily send the PDF over to a colleague or a friend, while retaining piece of mind that they’ll be able to open it. 


Get further guidance with these answers to some common questions.

Do I need an Adobe Licence to save a PDF?


You don’t need a licence to save a PDF. On iPhone, you will automatically be able to save and open a file as a PDF.

What if my phone storage is at maximum capacity when I want to save a PDF?


You can still save PDF to iPhone if your phone storage is at maximum capacity – you will just need to use a cloud tool like Apple Cloud storage in order to create room to save your file. You could also delete files like images, apps, or music to clear the necessary space.


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