How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF.

Using PDFs is a great option for creating documents that can be viewed anywhere and with any device, while maintaining the styling and format. By learning how to scan multiple pages into one PDF, you can combine lots of information into one reliable document.


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Quick list: turning lots of pages into a single PDF.


To carry out this task, follow these quick steps.

  1. Prep your documents. Prepare your document to be scanned, making sure they are clear of marks or dust.
  2. Scan or save. If using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), click Save. If not, place the next page on the scanner glass and scan each one.
  3. Export as PDF. When saving your documents, select Save as PDF from the options.

In detail: using a scanner to convert multiple pages into a PDF step by step.

1. Ensure your printer is connected to your laptop, either by a wire or through your Wi-Fi – then decide whether to use the automatic feeder tray or whether to place the documents onto the scanner glass. On Windows, Acrobat supports TWAIN scanner drivers and Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) drivers. On macOS, Acrobat supports TWAIN and Image Capture (ICA).

2. Scan your document by either pressing Scan on your printer or by using the scanner software you have installed on your computer. To do this, locate and open the scanner app.

3. Once open, you should be able to begin the scan and then see previews of your documents as they are scanning..

4. Once you have scanned your pages, there should be an option to either Save or Save and continue scanning. You should click the Save and continue scanning option in order to scan multiple pages to PDF.

5. If you are using the Automated Document Feeder, you may be able to skip the next steps as some scanners will save your documents to one PDF file automatically. 

6. If not using the automated document feeder, you will need to manually change the page on the scanner glass. Make sure that the first scan has finished completely before lifting the scanner lid, then carefully place and align the next page onto the scanner glass.

7. If your printer has a preview window that shows each page being scanned, once you scan one document you should be able to click next to repeat the process and keep all the scan previews together.

8. Now to save your pages. Click the Save option and then select Save as PDF to finish.                                          

Benefits of creating a single PDF using a scanner. 

Discover why it’s worth learning how to scan multiple pages to PDF.


  • Reduce multiple attachments. By scanning multiple pages to PDF, you can send over just one file when transferring information to another person, rather than trying to attach multiple large files to one email.
  • Reduce file size. Sending multiple large PDF files? This can be time consuming if you need to compress each PDF file. Instead, by combining the documents into one PDF, you can more easily deliver all your documents.
  • Maintain the document style. The great thing about saving your files as a PDF is that no matter where they are opened, they will appear in the same format as you see them. This is because the design code is embedded into the PDF file when you save and transfer it – unlike Word documents, for example. 


If you’re still wondering how to scan multiple pages to PDF, check out our answers to these common questions.

Do I need a physical scanner to be able to scan multiple pages to PDF? 

If you don’t have a scanner, you can simply download a scanner app on your phone. Scanner apps are usually very accurate and enable you to save the files to PDF. There are free and subscription apps in the Google Play and Apple Store, so you can choose the best option for your budget. 

Do I need an Adobe licence to be able to scan to PDF?

You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view your PDF’s, but you don’t need to have a paid subscription to scan multiple pages to PDF. Find out more about Acrobat pricing.

Can I scan a book to PDF? 

You can easily convert the pages of a physical book into digital PDF files in the same way as explained in this guide. Bear in mind that you will need a flatbed scanner as you won’t be able to use the automated feeder option for a bound book


It’s also important to check the copyright conditions of the book. These are usually found inside the front cover or within the first few pages and indicate how the book can be used and repurposed. .


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