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40 of the best sayings and ideas for saying goodbye.

Sometimes, there’s no way to get around saying goodbye to people we care about. A best friend is moving across the country. A team colleague has accepted a new job. Our university buddy will be going abroad for their next semester. Whether or not they’re coming back, we feel like celebrating with them and letting them know what they mean to us.

The right farewell gift – whether it’s something personal like a photo album capturing your time together, or a bouquet of flowers presented by the whole team – can be just perfect. And what about a card with a heartfelt message that you’ve created with Adobe Express? You can design this together with your colleagues or friends and present it as part of your farewell. In this article, we’ve collected a number of sayings for your farewell messages, from touching and heartfelt, to messages that express respect for a boss who’s leaving.

Touching colleague farewells: Heartfelt messages.

One of your team colleagues is leaving for a new company – or even a new company in a far-away city! Reason enough to get together and consider what their presence has meant to the company and how they may have helped you. Farewell messages to colleagues should touch upon their contribution to the company and the interesting challenges they’ll be facing in the future. Use one of the following sayings to develop your own heartfelt farewell message!

  1. We’ve achieved so much as a team! Enjoy your next challenge, and may your new colleagues enjoy you as much as we have!
  2. Your guidance and help have been invaluable, and we’ll sorely miss you. Thanks so much for what you’ve given us along the way.
  3. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure working with you. Here’s wishing you all the best for your future.
  4. Your unique perspective and skills have added so much to our team. You’ve changed all of us and the way we work for the better.
  5. We wish you exciting new challenges in this new chapter of your life as well as all the best for a bright future.
  6. Your vision and creativity have left indelible marks here and it’s clear that your future colleagues will also benefit from this as well.
  7. We’ve all learned from your wisdom and support – not to mention your contagious enthusiasm!
  8. To a dedicated and positive friend and colleague who has never let any of us down – we’ve all gained from your friendly and calm attitude.
  9. You’ll be sorely missed in these parts – at the very least, we’d love a card every once in a while to let us know how you’re doing!
  10. Your work ethic and contributions have always been amazing. It’s been an honour to work with you and we wish you every success in your new position.

Brief farewell: Short goodbye messages to colleagues.

Often, a brief farewell also says a lot. We’ve collected some shorter messages that may also be just right.

  1. This isn't the end; it's just a new beginning. Farewell to our colleague, but not to our friendship.
  2. It feels like you’re leaving with a piece of our hearts. Farewell, and stay amazing!
  3. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but it's a necessary part of the journey. Here’s to new adventures!
  4. We hope it’s not goodbye; it’s ‘see you later’!
  5. It’s not the end; it’s a new beginning. Keep shining, dear colleague!
  6. Thanks for being a great colleague and teammate. We’ll miss you and wish you all the best going forward.
  7. It’s been a privilege being colleagues – keep up the good work!
  8. It was a pleasure having you here, and your memory will live on!
  9. Best of luck in your new position – your replacement here will have big shoes to fill!
  10. Enjoy the next chapter of your career – you’ll be missed here!

Farewell card sentiments: Crafting the right message.

It’s never easy to say goodbye. This will be the same for you when you write your message. But put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s leaving. For them, it’s a new step and they’ll certainly have many new adventures. The following messages will help you wish them well for everything that they’ll face in their new journey.

  1. Nothing will be the same without you, but not to worry – you’ll always have a place in my heart.
  2. I wish you all the best because you deserve nothing less.
  3. Every farewell is a sunset that always awaits the sunrise.
  4. Life tells the most beautiful stories and every journey tells a new one.
  5. A farewell just draws out the moment of reunion.
  6. True friendship outlasts the pain of parting.
  7. Although you must follow your own path, you must have the courage to change directions.
  8. Sometimes you must say goodbye to face new challenges and achieve new goals.
  9. Don't cry because it's over; smile because it was beautiful.
  10. Deal with what was. Be happy with what is. Be open to what is to come.

Boss’s farewell: Messages to bid adieu with respect.

Saying farewell to the boss – whether they’re moving on or retiring – requires a sure instinct. You may not be writing only on your own behalf but on the behalf of your team or many other colleagues. It’s important to express a message that speaks for many people – but with respect! These suggestions can help you getting your farewell message to the boss started.

  1. We are very grateful for the support and guidance you gave us. We wish you abundant health and prosperity as well all the best for the next chapter in your life.
  2. Your positive spirit was contagious to your team and all those working under you. For this we thank you and want to let you know how much we will miss your presence and leadership.
  3. Thanks so much for the positive direction in which you steered this company. It will make all the difference in the future.
  4. We wish you all the best upon your departure! We’ll all miss you!
  5. We learned the principles of business not from a book or a university course, but from a walking, talking encyclopaedia! Thank you so much for what you taught us.
  6. Thank you for the many wonderful years!
  7. You have been such a great mentor that we’ll be very sorry to see you go. The only positive thing about your departure is that other people can now learn from you as well.
  8. While other bosses gave targets and gave orders, you provided us with direction and vision. This is what we’ll remember you for.
  9. We’ll miss your presence and aura. All the best for your next adventure.
  10. Encouragement, inspiration, and assistance: This is what we’ll always remember you for.

Sending farewell messages with Adobe Express.

Have you found the right farewell message for your card? Now you can start designing! Open Adobe Express in your web browser and create a card with your farewell message. The template library provides numerous designs you can adapt as you like. Use different text styles, design elements, images, and illustrations to personalize your card. When you’re happy with the result, download and print it or send it digitally. Especially when you’re holding an official farewell celebration, it’s extremely nice to present a personal card.

Design a farewell card with Adobe Express

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What’s the best farewell message to write?

Your farewell message must fit the occasion. Although a farewell is always a sad moment, there are situations when the person leaving also feels happy – for example when they’re going on a longer trip or starting a new chapter in their lives in a new city. Other farewells may not be as happy – like longer hospital stays. Always take the circumstances into account when writing your card, so that you make sure it has the right tone. But wishing someone the best for the future, if done well, is never wrong. Adobe Express offers a wide range of card templates to fit the right occasion – and your farewell message.

How can you capture the best goodbye sentiment?

To capture the best goodbye sentiment, make sure it matches the situation the person is going through. A positive situation warrants a positive message, and this goes for all other situations. Also think about who the person is – one of your best friends or colleagues, or a neighbour who you are slightly acquainted with. That matters, too. Considering the combination of situation and relationship will always help you make the best choice.

Is there a gift I can make to go along with my goodbye card?

If you’re uncertain about what to give along with your goodbye card, consider the occasion or situation why a person is celebrating their goodbye. Under some circumstances, for example a formal farewell, a flower bouquet plus card might be just the thing. For a bouquet, it’s best to go to a professional florist, who can help put together flowers that are perfect for the occasion and won’t be misinterpreted. For a friend who’s leaving for faraway climes, a photo collage made with Adobe Express might be a good choice.

Is Adobe Express free?

Yes. The basic version of Adobe Express includes everything you need to start working creatively. Adobe Express offers thousands of design templates, images, videos and royalty-free photos and music titles. Quick actions help you process images, remove backgrounds, crop photos, or merge videos.