How to write an email like a professional.

A well-written email can be a powerful tool in both business and personal contexts. Writing a professional email can help you deliver your message with impact and boost your credibility.

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This article covers essential tips on how to write a professional email. It also includes examples of professionally designed email templates available from Adobe Express. We’ll explore the steps you need to take to perfect the tone of your email and clarify the purpose of your message. Dive in to learn all the tips and tricks for improving your email etiquette.

Top tips for writing an email.

Writing a good email can have numerous benefits, from improving rapport between the sender and recipient and getting tasks done quicker. Here’s how to write an email that is clear and concise.

Understand the bigger picture

Every email exists within a wider context. Just like figuring out your marketing strategy, you need an email strategy. Use your emails to help move along a business project or raise a complaint with a service provider. When writing your email, always leverage it as a tool of communication as part of a bigger, more important goal.

Focus on your core message

The second tip is to focus on your core message. The most important job of an email is to convey a message clearly, concisely, and quickly. Format your email layout to emphasise the information that the reader must understand. Make sure that you proofread your email to remove any errors or extraneous information.

Always consider your audience

The third tip is to consider your audience. Think about who your reader is, and how they might perceive and respond to your message. Avoid long emails filled with unnecessary adjectives and confusing explanations, as these can quickly lose your readers’ attention. If you anticipate questions, try to include these answers in your email. Above all, keep your message polite and professional. Use an email template from Adobe Express to get started.

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Learn how to give your emails a professional touch.

Language, formatting and email etiquette all help your emails appear professional. Here’s how to write a formal email that has your own professional touch to it.

Use appropriate language

Use language that is appropriate for the audience and topic. Avoid cliches, odd-mannerisms, or anything that is culturally insensitive. Only use technical language that adds value. Avoid anything that baffles or patronises your recipient.

Format your email

Include a greeting, the main body of the message and then the closing statement and signature. Space each element out and use bullet points over paragraphs. You might wish to include your business logo in the email, but make sure it is formatted properly and that it looks professional. Learn more about logo sizing to improve your emails.

Polish your email etiquette

Use polite greetings and sign-offs with all your messages and requests. Take pride in the messages that you send as they help build your credibility and foster important relationships.

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Great techniques for writing a professional email.

Emails can carry all kinds of information and it’s important that regardless of your message, your email always remain professional. These three great techniques can help you achieve that.

Use the right tone

Once you’ve written out your email, read through it. Does it sound rude, offensive, or unprofessional in any way? Use read-throughs to see how your tone can be construed and avoid any miscommunications. Once you’ve mastered how to write an impactful message, you'll be able to leverage this skill in other areas, such as sharing messages across social media.

Consider the recipient’s position

How is the recipient going to respond to your email? Are they going to react badly? Are they going to ignore your message completely? Or are they going to welcome the email and help you out? Make sure you understand who is going to receive your message, and then adapt it to encourage a response that’s beneficial to you.

Write an effective subject line

Your recipient will often face a flooded inbox every time they check their emails, so to help them see yours and engage with it quickly, use a subject line that is short and provokes action. If you wouldn’t click on an email with your subject line, there’s a chance that your recipient won’t either. Once you’ve mastered subject lines, you’ll be able to use this skill elsewhere, like using these email newsletter templates to create impactful newsletters.

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Tips and tricks on the best ways to write an email.

Whether you’re sending an email to your dentist or replying to a difficult colleague at work, here’s how to write a professional email text for every occasion.

Less is more

Unless you are creating a detailed paper trail as part of your organisations’ documentation recording process, keep it short and sweet. Once you’ve done the formalities of greeting the recipient and introducing yourself (only if needed), it’s time to get down to business. Ask your question, put forward your request, and state your position as clearly and concisely as possible.

Curb the emotion

Writing in anger or upset can often backfire on us. If you find yourself crafting a passionate email in the heat of the moment, put all the words down on paper and come back to it later. You can then refine the message you want to convey. Although anger and upset are important drivers of change, firing off a reactive reply can create additional problems.

Make it reader-friendly

Put the most important information or request at the very top. Make a note of any included attachments and make it easy for your recipient to find what they need. Don’t leave them wading through endless text, or worse, gifs, images, memes, or tables. Start building your own professional email templates with Adobe Express.

More ways to write professional emails.

Adobe Express is packed with templates to help your communications stay professional. From emails to newsletters, logos and even business cards, discover professional templates that can be easily customised in minutes.

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Useful things to know.

Which professional email template is most suitable for my email?

With Adobe Express, you can explore lots of different templates for professional emails and discover a style that fits your needs. Each template contains example text that you can customise in a couple of minutes.

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