6 preschool activity ideas to keep kids entertained



Entertaining preschoolers demands a delicate balance of fun and education. Curating activities that captivate these young minds involves creativity and resourcefulness. In this guide, explore six preschool activity ideas to help stimulate and entertain preschoolers. With the assistance of Adobe Express’ creative tools, discover ways to bring amusement, exploration, and learning to your little ones. These activities promise to keep them joyfully engaged while fostering their development. Join the exploration of activities designed to engage, entertain, and encourage learning for preschoolers, all enhanced by Adobe Express versatile design features to make each experience even more delightful.

How to design the ultimate activity for preschoolers.

When working with preschoolers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Each toddler is unique and will respond in different ways to the activities you provide. To deal with this, it’s important to keep an open and flexible mindset. Read on to learn how you can utilise Adobe Express to create fun activities for preschoolers.

Some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Patience is essential. Very young children are often not patient themselves, so give them time to work it out.
  2. Creativity is the heart of it all, so let them explore.
  3. Play to your heart’s content. Tap into your own inner child and get involved, they’ll love it.
  4. Be in the moment. It’s so important that the child feels you are present with them. So put that phone down.
  5. Make sure to include everyone. Get them involved from the start, this will do wonders for their confidence.

Take a look at these activity templates.

Preschool learning activity suggestions to make early education fun.

Here are six awesome preschool learning activities you can try!

  1. Organise a scavenger hunt around the classroom. Showcase clues by designing flyers with Adobe Express.
  2. Do some shape sorting. Pull together as many different shapes from the classroom as you can and get the kids to sort them into their categories. You can easily create a template for the shapes with Adobe Express.
  3. Play the Alphabet Game. With Adobe Express, you can design colourful letters, print them off, and get the children to name things that start with the same letter.
  4. Create a sensory bin. Locate different textures in the classroom and throw them into a bin. Let them touch, grab and name what they feel.
  5. Create a puzzle. Generate a unique design using Adobe Express, print it out, affix it to cardboard, and then cut it into halves or quarters. Challenge your kids to assemble the puzzle by matching up the pieces. Have fun creating and solving your custom puzzles!
  6. Get colouring. Use Adobe Express for this preschool learning activity to create black-and-white designs and get them to unleash their creativity with markers, pencils, crayons, or even paint.

Choose an activity template.

Preschool planning ideas - how to come up with the perfect schedule.

Kids need a schedule for their day, so they know what to expect. When creating the schedule, ensure meals are at regular intervals and give them enough downtime to process the activities of the day. When thinking up preschool planning ideas, remember to add an element of play into everything to keep your preschoolers engaged. It’s also a great idea to introduce as much movement around their learning space as possible, to support their motor skill development and use up their energy!

Let’s create a schedule:

  1. List all the activities you want to do. Add how long each one will take, and what type of activity it is.
  2. List all the transitions between the individual activities e.g. washing hands or cleaning up.
  3. Outline all the school schedules you cannot change i.e. lunchtime.
  4. Finally, build out a schedule using all three lists.
  5. Once implemented, come back and review the schedule. What could be improved? Then change it.

You can create your perfect preschool activity schedule on Adobe Express for free and update it easily as you fine tune the schedule.

More schedule ideas and inspiration this way.

Ready to create your preschool activities?

Useful things to know.

How do you keep young kids entertained?

For young children, it’s important to focus on fun and engaging activities such as interactive games, crafts, story time and dancing to music. There are also many activities you can do outside that keep them entertained, and at the same time is beneficial to their physical and mental health. Be aware that some children may need additional support and attention.

How do you organise preschool lesson plans?

Once you are done creating lesson plans for the coming weeks, sort them into binders or boxes and put all the necessary information and materials in them for easy access and organisation.

What is a good schedule for preschoolers?

Preschoolers need a structured routine, with plenty of food breaks and rest points. Make sure to start the day right with morning greetings, and continue with circle time, age-appropriate activities, outdoor play and a rest period between activities. End the day with a closing circle for reflection to contribute to an engaging routine for preschoolers.

Is it possible to design materials and visuals for preschool activities using Adobe Express?

Certainly! Adobe Express allows users to craft a variety of materials for preschool activities. With access to thousands of templates and designs, you can easily create engaging and customised visuals and materials that you can print off and use.