Quickly build and deploy web and mobile apps.

The Adobe ColdFusion application server offers you a single platform for building and deploying web and mobile applications.

ColdFusion Family

Meet the Adobe ColdFusion family (2016 release)

 See how you can work more productively with a host of powerful functionalities. Benefit from performance improvements to run existing code as much as 30% faster. And now, use CFML for your scripting needs via a command-line interface.

Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise (2016 release)

Get a tried and tested application server that simplifies complex coding tasks. Quickly develop robust, scalable, secure applications. Use the all-new API Manager to implement your API strategy faster and get unprecedented control over PDF generation and manipulation


Adobe ColdFusion Standard (2016 release)

Use a single platform to quickly build and deploy web and mobile applications. Leverage unique capabilities for end-to-end mobile application development. Generate high-quality PDFs and make your server more secure with default server lockdown.


Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release)

Build and deploy web and mobile applications. Boost your productivity with built-in features that aid every aspect of the development workflow. Preserve code integrity with smart features that help identify and reduce errors, vulnerabilities and security breaches.


Adobe ColdFusion on Amazon Web Services  

Enjoy an affordable way to access powerful yet easy-to-use features for building high-performing, enterprise-ready applications that scale dynamically to meet your business needs.


Interested in a free trial of ColdFusion?

Adobe ColdFusion Developer Edition

This free, fully functional version of ColdFusion is for local host development of applications that will be deployed on either standard or enterprise servers — and that can be simultaneously accessed from only two remote IP addresses.


Adobe ColdFusion Express Edition

This new deployment option enables you to quickly set up a development or demonstration instance of ColdFusion without running a full installer. It’s ideal for developers who want to run a ColdFusion programming instance for testing and debugging purposes.
Download Win32, Win64, Linux32, Linux64, Mac, War32, War64 files.


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