Quickly experiment with colour using {{generative-recolor}}.

Whether you’re creating product packaging, posters or artwork, {{generative-recolor}} can help you view colour variants of your vector artwork faster. Type a text prompt like “strawberry fields,” “faded emerald” or “terracotta desert” and see customised colour schemes in seconds.

More inspiration, less work.

Explore a variety of colours, palettes and themes on your artwork without manual recoloring. See how other colour options look in seconds instead of hours.

Endless exploration.

Change colours again and again without losing your original. Try as many {{generative-recolor}} experiments as you want before easily returning to your first version.

Unique versions for every venue.

Generate different colour combinations of any piece so the same design or art looks fresh everywhere you use it from social media to print and online.

Do you in any hue.

It’s your vision and your art. {{generative-recolor}} just helps you to bring it to life faster. Experiment and explore with speed so you can create even more.


What is {{generative-recolor}}?

{{generative-recolor}} is part of an innovative new suite of AI-powered capabilities powered by {{adobe-firefly}}. It enables you to recolor artwork using simple text prompts to achieve colour variations in seconds.

Who can use {{generative-recolor}}?

{{generative-recolor}} is available in the Illustrator app. It is available in over 100 languages and is designed to be safe for commercial use. It is not available for users in China.

Where is {{generative-recolor}} in {{illustrator}}?

You can find {{generative-recolor}} in the Edit menu under Edit Colours.

Why is {{generative-recolor}} greyed out?

Make sure you have selected the elements you want to recolor first, otherwise you will not be able to select {{generative-recolor}}.

What are the requirements to use Generative Recolor?

The system requirements for {{generative-recolor}} are the same as the Illustrator app.

Who is {{generative-recolor}} for?

{{generative-recolor}} is a great feature for artists, designers and marketers. Explore different colour palettes for vector artwork, like changing landscape art from day to night. Recolor and mood board ideas for brand identity graphics, adjust marketing materials to reflect seasonality and much more.

What can I use {{generative-recolor}} for?

Use it to recolor any design. Add to your existing colour vector artwork by entering a text prompt then click “Generate” to see colour variations. Further personalise art or design work by updating the colour to reflect a theme or style you want to convey. Or use a text prompt to describe a new palette for your design and quickly see an array of AI generated options.

Why isn’t my text changing colours?

If you’re working with live text, expand it before recoloring. Select your text box, make sure your text has colour, then navigate to Object > Expand.

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