Adobe Analytics Premium: Customer 360

Your customers have many dimensions. Use them all.

Customer 360 allows you to combine your web data with customer data from other channels, giving you a more complete picture of how they interact with you. Make use of this multichannel data through informative visualizations, cross-channel marketing capabilities, and advanced analytics.
Predictive Intelligence
Understand cross-channel interactions.
Know how activities on the web cause an offline conversion, and vice versa.
360-degree customer analysis
Personalize the experience.
Give a consistent and relevant experience to your customers in all of your marketing channels.
Cross-channel attribution
Discover new segments.
Find whole new segments by combining web and customer data from other channels.

See what Customer 360 can do.

Predictive Intelligence
Customer attributes
Combine attribute data with behavioral data so you can get a richer understanding of your customers and create more dynamic segments.
360-degree customer analysis
Audience clustering
Intelligently categorize individuals into distinct personas based on similarities in product preference, geo-demographics, and behavioral attributes.
Cross-channel attribution
Customer journey analysis
Analyze all customer touchpoints to improve the customer experience and cross-sell opportunities.

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