Macromedia Flash Integration

Action Tool

Easily assign complex Macromedia Flash ActionScript navigation commands. Just drag and drop a link between objects, symbols, and pages to quickly produce click-throughs for client approval, presentations, and sophisticated Macromedia Flash projects.

Assign such simple actions as Go To and Play or Go To and Stop or more complex behaviors like Get URL or Load External Movie.

SWF Import / Reexport

Now you can import more complex Macromedia Flash movies (SWFs) into your FreeHand MX document and integrate them into your designs before exporting back out to SWF. Great for developing larger site interfaces and designs in FreeHand MX while still being able to include components that include more programming-intensive functions for e-commerce, video streaming, or Flash Communications.

Launch and Edit with Macromedia Flash

Work more productively between programs with a launch-and-edit workflow between FreeHand MX and Macromedia Flash. SWFs placed in a FreeHand MX document can be edited in Macromedia Flash with a click in the Object panel. Updates made to the FLA file in Macromedia Flash are automatically applied to the SWF placed in FreeHand MX.

FreeHand MX Importer for Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Flash can now open and import FreeHand MX files while preserving the editability of vectors and text???and streamline the production process as projects move from design to development and programming.

Navigation Panel

Use the Navigation panel to assign navigation action to objects for export to HTML or Macromedia Flash. The Navigation panel streamlines your workflow by letting you apply Internet links and Macromedia Flash actions to graphics and text from within FreeHand MX.

For Macromedia Flash production, use the panel to assign event handlers, actions, and parameters. Available actions include Go To and Stop, Go To and Play, Get URL, Play and Stop, Print, Full Screen, Start/Stop Drag, Load/Unload Movie, and Tell Target.

Create Print Layouts for Macromedia Flash

Create rich web-native print applications for printing from Macromedia Flash Player within any browser. FreeHand MX and Macromedia Flash offer a technology that bridges the Internet and printers with web-native applications that have screen and print components. Lay out rich print designs in the flexible multipage FreeHand MX environment, and import into Macromedia Flash to create compelling cross-media applications.

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