Get authorized today

Become an Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC)

Step 1: Submit an application and a signed agreement

Review, complete, and submit an Adobe Authorized Training Center Application and agree to the AATC terms and conditions.

Step 2: Provide verification

Provide verification that your Adobe classes will be taught by Adobe Certified Instructors (ACIs) who are certified on the products they will be teaching.

Step 3: Verify that:

  • Your Adobe courses will be held in a company-managed training facility with company signage
  • You will hold at least one public class per month on Adobe products
  • You have Adobe product licensing for all student workstations

Note that the benefits and requirements listed apply to AATCs in North America. For more online information on how to apply for certification or membership worldwide, please visit the Training Provider program detail page. And for online information on becoming Adobe Certified, visit Adobe Certified.