Custom-design your reader to deliver media-rich ebooks with EPUB 3 support

Custom-design your

reader to deliver media-

rich ebooks with

EPUB 3 support


By supporting open, industry-standard file formats like PDF, EPUB 2 and EPUB 3, the Adobe platform provides an environment in which readers can freely acquire books from a wide variety of sources and read them on a wide variety of devices. Mobile-reader app developers can now participate in this open eBook ecosystem. Take advantage of a mobile-optimized software engine, designed to deliver high-performance, high-quality scalable document rendering across a wide range of resource-limited embedded devices.

Features of the Reader Mobile SDK


With XHTML5 as the base content format, all the rich HTML5 functionalities will be available to you in RMSDK.

Scalable math formulas

Render richer text books that include Math formulas as part of the XHTML markup — rather than as images. (This feature is available for iOS and Macintosh platforms).


Allow authors to use this element and better control how different media types are handled by the eReaders.

Embedded Fonts

Render your text content as intended along with proper display of specific characters and glyphs using ePub3’s embedded fonts.

Audio and Video

Support HTML5 audio and video elements such as MP3 audio and MP4 AACLC audio with ePub3 which specifies the definition of support for Core Media Types. Use the informative recommendation on codec support as guidance to understand and use video Core Media Types.

Certification workflow for strengthened DRM

Secure your content copyrights further with the new reader certification process. More detailed information is present in the RMSDK user manual.

Fixed Layout EPUB

Render interactive EPUB books with live text — such as children’s books, cookbooks, travel books, and textbooks — that are rich with illustrations, photos, audio, video, or animations. Layout and design remain fixed no matter the size of screen they’re being viewed on.

Choice of publishing formats

With industry-leading support for  PDF, EPUB 2 and  EPUB 3 on the same reader- choose how and when you migrate to EPUB 3.

Leverage Scripting to add interactivity

Blur the lines between eBooks and apps. Leverage scripting to create interactive eBooks and engage users better.

Enhanced CSS Style Tags

Switch between predefined alternate viewing models such as day/night and horizontal/vertical models using the new support for Alternate Style Tags on ePub3.

Media Overlays

Define a format and processing model for publication wide synchronization of text and audio using ePub Media Overlay 3.0

Broad platform support

RMSDK 11 is now supported on all popular platforms including Mac 64bit, Win 32, iOS and Android.

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