Create animations for any device or platform.

Your audience is everywhere. Make sure your content is too. With Flash Professional, you can publish animations to multiple platforms — including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL or even custom platforms — and reach viewers on virtually any desktop or mobile device.
Faster, more fluid animations.

Faster, more fluid animations.

The leading animation toolset brings back the Bone tool so you can easily make your characters move with fluid, natural motion. Plus, make the most of your animations in web ads thanks to sprite-sheet generation, and import H.264 videos directly on the Timeline.
Lifelike animation
Lifelike animation.
The Bone tool is back. Give your animated objects super-fluid motion by linking a series of symbols together with a bone structure.
Optimize web ads and more
Optimize ads and more.
Minimize the number of files in a Flash project by exporting the bitmaps in your HTML5 Canvas as a single sprite sheet.
Video import on the Timeline
Video import on the Timeline.
Drop H.264 videos right onto your Timeline to use as a guide layer.
Complex animations made easy.
Complex animations made easy.
The updated Motion Editor gives you granular control over motion tween properties like color effects, transformations and many more.
Adobe Stock

Introducing Adobe Stock.

Millions of high-quality images for your Flash Professional projects.

Find the perfect photo or graphic or illustration to jump-start your next project and make it amazing. The new Adobe Stock service offers 40 million curated, royalty-free assets, and Creative Cloud members get special pricing — 40% off Adobe Stock when you add it to your membership. It's the industry's best value.

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See how you can get the most out of Creative Cloud. Our tutorials will show you more than just new techniques in your favorite app. They'll show you how to extend your creative work beyond your desktop. 
Mobile and web design

Mobile and web design


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