How to make a graphic design invoice.

A man sitting outside uses his laptop to learn how to make an invoice for graphic design work.

To express your creative ability requires the right business tools. Follow these steps to create a graphic designer invoice.

Technology enables companies to run from just about anywhere. It takes hard work to keep a graphic design service company profitable, but creating an effective invoice can help lighten the load. Whether a one-person design studio or part of a team, the ability to use versatile software tools across desktop, mobile, and web will free you to do what you do best — be creative. We’ll show you how to make a graphic design invoice, along with a sample you can work off of.

How a graphic design invoice protects you.

Aside from invoicing, understanding how to craft a solid graphic designer contract is crucial to help ensure the successful execution of your creative visions. A well-prepared graphic design invoice protects you in several ways:

Important items to include in a graphic design invoice.

Information you should include when creating your graphic design services invoice:

Freelance graphic design invoice terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions will help protect both parties’ interests and support a smooth working relationship.

Graphic design invoice sample.

Now that you have the terms and conditions, let’s go over how to make a graphic design invoice with an example.

Your company name

Your address

Phone number

Email address

Invoice date: [Date]

Invoice number: [Invoice number]

Bill to:

Client’s name

Client’s company

Client’s address

Project details:

Project: [Brief description]

Timeline: [Timeline]

Rate: [$ rate per hour or $ total amount]


Payment due: [Payment terms, for example, 15 days] via [payment method].

Ownership: Transferred upon full payment. [Include usage rights or licensing terms (if any)]

Revisions: [The number of included revisions, such as 3]
Approval process: [Explain the approval process]

Cancellation: [Cancellation fee (if any)]

Late payments: [Interest rate] interest.

Confidentiality: All project info is confidential.

Total amount: [$ total]

Payment instructions: [Payment details]

Tips for how to invoice graphic design work beautifully.

Invoicing graphic design work beautifully not only helps ensure you get paid promptly but also reflects your professionalism and attention to detail. Use your creative talents to make your business documents shine. Create and customize your business documents to reflect what’s unique about your graphic design service. Here are some tips for how to make an invoice for graphic design work visually appealing and effective:

Build a graphic design invoice template with creative tools.

The sheer number of business software programs available today can make picking the right one confusing. It’s critical to choose the right tools for business document management applications that integrate with your other vital company software.

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