How to build a client intake form.

Grow strong business relationships with an airtight client intake form template.

A client intake form is a questionnaire designed to assess prospective clients at the start of your business relationship. These documents ask for crucial information about how your potential client’s business works to help you determine whether the client is the right fit for you. Gather all the information you need before taking on a new client with a comprehensive client intake form.

Building blocks for a client intake form.

  1. Contact and company information. Start by asking your prospective client to fill out their basic information: company name, primary contact information, preferred contact method, their role, their company size, and their industry, just to name a few.
  2. Client overview. Give your prospective client a space to outline their business, products or services, and company values. Allowing them to provide this information in their own words gives good insight into how they view their business. This insight can help you understand what kind of client they might be.
  3. Client challenges and goals. Why is this prospective client coming to you? Understand the challenges this prospective client faces to assess whether you’re the appropriate partner.
  4. Budget. How much is this client offering you? Is it commensurate with the amount of work involved in helping them overcome their challenges and reach their goals? Including a budget request in your client intake form is crucial for helping you determine whether the business relationship is worthwhile.

Set client intake standards with a template.

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