Learn how to convert a PDF to Google Doc.

You can convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word doc to upload and modify on Google Docs with the help of Adobe Acrobat online services.

Many teams use Google Docs to both collaborate on projects and reduce the number of times that files need to be sent back and forth. It’s convenient and it saves time. Adobe Acrobat online services can help you convert a PDF so that you can easily collaborate with colleagues on the Google Docs platform.

Take these steps to convert a PDF into a Google Docs file.

First, you’ll need to convert the PDF to a Word doc. To start, go to the conversion page and then click on Select A File to navigate to your PDF, or drag and drop the file into the drop zone. When the conversion process finishes, sign in to Acrobat online with your Adobe ID, Google account, or another available method to download the Word document.

Next, go to Google Drive and click Open. Choose File Upload, select your new Word document, and click Open to start the upload. Double-click the file and then select Open With. Finally, choose Google Docs, and then you and your team can work directly on the file together.

For other projects, you may have different needs when you work with PDFs — for example converting your resulting Google Docs file back into a PDF. Take a moment to explore what else you can do with Acrobat online services today.