Create fillabe PDF forms on an iPad using these steps.

For all kinds of forms and applications, it’s easy to create a PDF that others can fill and sign as needed — at home or on the go.

Whether you need to send out consent forms for a school activity or you’re organizing a charity event, forms like these require names, addresses, and possibly signatures. Rather than asking someone to physically print and fill them out, it makes more sense to make the PDF fillable and signable right on your device. The Fill & Sign mobile app from Adobe makes that easy.

Follow these steps to create a fillable PDF on an iPad.

To start, download and open the Fill & Sign app. Then, navigate to the PDF on your device or online resource, or even take a photo of the physical document. Tap anywhere to create a fillable field. By tapping the profile button, you can enter info directly from your contacts. Press and hold on any box to fill it with a check mark or other annotation.

To sign or initial the document, just tap the signature button and use your finger or stylus. You can even drag and drop the most recent signature or initials from that same button. When you’re finished, you can easily share the form in multiple ways.

Alternatively, if you have Adobe Acrobat on your iPad, use it to navigate to a PDF — or take a photo — and click the pencil icon. Choose the Fill & Sign option and use the tools in the top toolbar to add fields, marks, boxes, and lines. You can sign or initial with the signature tool and then share this form via a link or email.

With either method, it’s fast and easy to collect the information and signatures you need. Explore everything Acrobat and** Acrobat online services** can do to improve your PDF processes.