It’s a snap to annotate PDFs on an Android device.

When you want to highlight text or leave a comment on a PDF, you can do it from anywhere with Adobe Acrobat online services.

Whether making or replying to comments on a project or highlighting text as a reminder to study later, Acrobat online services make it a breeze to annotate PDFs. Learn how to make on-the-go edits to PDF files right from your Android device.

How to annotate and highlight PDFs on an Android.

From any web browser on your device, navigate to the edit PDFs online page on Acrobat online and follow the steps below.

  1. To upload a PDF, tap the Select A File button. You can grab files from anywhere on your connected device — internal storage, Google Drive, or your service cloud.
  2. Sign in to annotate your file using either an Adobe login or one of the other login methods, like an Apple or Google account.
  3. Freehand draw directly on the PDF, use the highlight, underline and strikethrough tools, make and reply to comments, add sticky notes, and more.
  4. Download the edited PDF file or use the option to share a link that will let others see your annotations online.

On-the-go annotation is simple with Acrobat online. Explore what else you can do to a PDF on your Android device with Acrobat online services.