Merge PDFs on your PC to create a combined document.

Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document on your PC with Adobe Acrobat. Learn how easy it is for team members to collaborate and combine different files into one organized document.

If your workstream involves email, merging your files into one PDF is extremely helpful to everyone. When you send one PDF document instead of many, keeping track of work becomes easier for both you and your colleagues. Adobe Acrobat online services lets you streamline the process of multiple document sharing, storing, and reviewing on your PC. When you combine numerous PDF files into one, you’ll have a more cohesive document.

Merge multiple files into one PDF.

Click “Select files” or drag and drop your files into the drop zone on the merge PDFs page on Acrobat online. If needed, reorder the files by clicking on the dotted lines to their left and dragging the selected file to the desired location.

Click “Merge.” A page with a preview of your merged file and the option to “Download” or “Sign in” once the files have been merged will load. Once you have your PDF, you can continue to organize or share your file or store it online.

Being able to combine multiple PDFs can help your workflow be more straightforward. You might want to combine multiple PDF files into one to:

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