Learn how to convert a PDF to an HTML web page.

Do you have a PDF that would look great on your website? Learn how to convert a PDF to a web page in a few simple steps.

PDF to HTML conversion.

Web pages are built using a file format called HTML. To transform your PDFs into web pages, all you need to do is resave them as HTML files.

Luckily, the process is fairly simple using a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat. Just follow these five easy steps to convert your PDFs to web pages:

  1. Open the file you want to convert in your PDF editor.
  2. Select the Create & Edit button on the right-side toolbar.
  3. Click Export PDF at the top of the window.
  4. Choose HTML Web Page and select your options. Single HTML page will create one web page, no matter how long the PDF. Multiple HTML pages will create several web pages, split up based on the length of your PDF.
  5. Click Export and choose the folder where you want to save your new page.

You can repeat the process for as many PDFs as you want to convert. Don’t forget to rename your files before saving, so you won’t forget which HTML file is for which web page.

Once you create your HTML file, you can import it into your favorite website builder to create customized web pages that look exactly like the original PDF — links, headings, and all.

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