Easily convert an RTF file to a PDF.

How to convert an RTF to a PDF file in just minutes.

RTF, PDF — there are so many file formats, you might just be thinking WTF? It’s simple once you break it down and learn how to make all of them compatible. An RTF document (or Rich Text Format) is a universal file type that safeguards against viruses and is compatible with most word processors. As such, they can be a common way to share documents.

You may have received an RTF document in an email and want to create a PDF to save to your desktop, print, or store for your records. Learn how to easily open your RTF file and save it as a PDF in just minutes using Acrobat.

How to convert an RTF to a PDF.

The steps to convert an RTF to a PDF may differ slightly depending on which operating system you’re working with, but in general:

On a Windows 10:

Open the file you want to convert

Open the system’s print dialogue box (you can click Control + P, or File > Print)

Under Printer, Select Microsoft Print to PDF

Click Print to save a copy of the RTF file as a PDF on your computer

On a Mac:

  1. Open the file you want to convert
  2. Click File and select Export as PDF
  3. Rename and save your PDF on your Mac

Regardless of your operating system, you essentially want to find a convert or export option within the RTF file itself. Once you’ve got your PDF, you can save, share, and secure your information. Plus, you can easily convert your PDF back to an RTF from anywhere with Acrobat online services.

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