Easily delete pages from a PDF on a Chromebook.

For a project of any size, it’s a snap to delete pages you don’t need in your PDF with the help of Acrobat online.

Say you have a PDF that lists collectibles for sale, with one collectible described on each page. As customers purchase, you need to remove the sold items from the PDF. Or you have a business report PDF, but certain charts or graphs are no longer relevant. Adobe Acrobat online services give you a simple way to delete unnecessary pages in just a few, fast steps.

Follow these steps to delete pages from a PDF on a Chromebook.

Be sure you know where your file is located, whether on your Chromebook or in a cloud-based service. Go to the Delete PDF Pages function, and then you can begin:

  1. Click the Select A File button to navigate to your PDF, or drag and drop it into the drop zone
  2. Once the file uploads, sign in to a service such as Adobe, Apple, or Google.
  3. Select the page thumbnails you need to delete, and then click the trashcan icon in the top toolbar. Or you can simply click the trashcan icon for each page as you go along.
  4. Click Save and rename the file.
  5. Download the file or share with others via a link or email.

Now your file is up to date and ready to go. Take a moment to discover all the helpful tools and resources available from Acrobat online services.