Learn how to edit PDFs on an iPad from anywhere.

Make edits on PDFs for your own projects or those of a friend or a team, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Team collaborations on a PDF can mean multiple rounds of editing. Perhaps you or a friend are writing an article for a magazine, trying to rework the language to its most accurate and impactful. Or maybe you and your co-workers are building a report, with facts and numbers that can change quickly.

Adobe Acrobat online services make it easy to clearly mark your edits and then share them with your teams.

Here’s how to edit a PDF on an iPad.

Start by tapping the “Select a file” button. You’ll be prompted to navigate to the file’s location, whether on your device or on a cloud-based service. Click on the file you want to upload and sign in. You’ll get an array of tools you can use to edit your PDF.

The tools available allow you to:

Once you close the file, you can download or print your document. From the “Share” button, you can share the file with others via email or a link.

Your file is now ready to move on to the next stage in the process. Take a moment to explore the other tools and resources that Acrobat online services can offer you today.