Learn how to edit a PDF on a PC and add comments.

When sharing files and collaborating with teammates, learn how to easily track editing from one round to the next on a PC.

It’s easy to edit with your comments, text additions and more directly on a PDF using Adobe Acrobat online services on a PC. Plus, keep track of comments and changes through multiple revision rounds in one easily accessible place. Follow these steps to make editing and collaborating a breeze.

How to edit PDFs on your PC.

Click “Select a file” or drag and drop your PDF into the drop zone to open the document. After your file has uploaded, you will be prompted to sign in, either from an Adobe, Google, or Apple account. Once you have signed in, you’ll be able to make comments, add text, or draw directly on the file.

You can also add sticky notes, suggest a word replacement, or mark up the file using the freehand drawing tool. You can also reply to comments that have already been posted in the PDF. When you’ve finished making your edits, you can download your file or share a link, which will let others see the edits online.

Simplify the revision process using Acrobat’s online editing tool. Easily edit PDF files on your PC to keep track of changes and file collaborations. See what else you can do with Adobe Acrobat online services today.